Top 10 'Dota 2 Best Mid Heroes' 2019 (For Getting To 7k MMR)

best dota 2 mid hero
The most feared mid heroes in Dota 2

Own 7.20 With The Best Dota 2 Mid Heroes. Don't let changes own you.

The climb to 7k+ can be a nightmare and being able to select the best mid heroes can help give a much-needed edge - this guide is intended to explain the best picks for Mid and why they will increase MMR.

10. Sniper

Sniper is a strong hero to get CS in lane and get free harass on your opponent. WIth the majority of heroes wanting to fight early in this patch sniper can often be a safe pick to dish out massive amounts of damage from a comfortable distance.

Patch 7.20 brings us a change in the armor formula:

With the change in armor values in 7.20 having high armor values is favorable compared to previous iterations of Dota 2. Sniper has an option to build magic damage items that enable him to eat through the health of high armor heroes.

Sniper is at a disadvantage against Storm Spirit, Morphling, and Spectre but is good at stopping Huskar, Medusa, and Visage.

9. Outworld Devourer

The initial introduction of equilibrium at the start of 7.20 made many players think OD was a trash hero, but with some more buffs and practice it shows that OD can be a much more efficient farmer than ever before.

Arcane Orb exchanged its bonus damage against illusions and summons to have a 175-radius splash, which really helps OD’s farming capabilities, however OD no longer has infinite mana anymore and requires a more attentive use of his new Equilibrium ability to keep his mana from shrinking.

OD benefits heavily from the new Null Talisman which allows him to function better as an early game hero and all the new kaya items really help OD transition to be a carry. Since new heroes are going to be stacking armor in order to take advantage of the new armor formula, OD’s pure damage is more valuable than ever before.

OD struggles against Pugna, Tinker, and Drow Ranger but is favored against Morphling, Timbersaw, Dragon Knight, and Ember Spirit. OG vs Alliance 3 of the Chongqing major shows OD being favored vs DK.

8. Pugna

In a world with greedily farming carries such as Anti-Mage and the like seeing play sometimes it is necessary to pick a semi-carry mid hero that doesn’t farm the jungle but rather blasts creeps and towers. Pugna fits any pushing style line up and works well in Drow and Visage teams as well as the above greedy carry teams allowing Pugna to be an amazing flex pick.

Null Talisman shores up Pugna’s early game by giving him some much-needed HP as well as extra magical output.

Pugna has been seen in many matches in the Chongqing major and shows early dominance against Ember, a decent match vs Dragon Knight, and if any mid hero has to leave the lane he can easily take out the tower.

7. Lone Druid

Hindsight is 20/20 and shows why Lone Druid’s original 7.20 rework was a massive buff to the hero - since the original patch he has seen minor nerfs in 7.20b, c, and e. The changes to the base hero and bear’s statlines were greatly appreciated, moving faster and having lowered attack backswing on the bear were really great changes even before the new abilities were added in. 7.20c would see a reduction in both base agility and agility growth as well as a -2 armor change for the hero as well as a nerf to his level 10 talent for attack range reducing it by 25 units in both 7.20c and again in e. In addition, the original movement speed buff from 7.20 proved to be too much as 7.20e calmed down the buff by reducing it to 330 down from 340.

Spirit Bear gained increase attack damage and a new ability, however it came at the price of Entangling Claws no longer piercing spell immunity or interrupting targets. The new ability for the bear, Defender, allows the bear to redirect 30% of the damage the hero would take to the bear and can be lethal to the bear - a 30% damage “reduction” while being ganked can prove to be a valuable asset and is welcome in the mind of any Sylla player.

Rabid was replaced with Spirit Link which still gains attack speed to the hero and the bear but also allows those units to lifesteal from each other’s damage, a nice asset for farming and attempting to stay healthy in teamfights. This ability would be nerfed in 7.20b and c with both balance patches increasing the cooldown of the ability, however 7.20b also reduced the attack speed gained by this ability and 7.20c changed the talent for the ability from +40 attack speed to -0.2 base attack time for the bear.

Lone Druid is strong against Lycan, Ursa, Anti-mage, Storm Spirit and Meepo but suffers against Leshrac and minorly against Phantom Assassin.

6. Drow Ranger

Wraith Band. 7.20 came with many changes for Drow Ranger changing Precision Aura and Marksmanship: Precision Aura no longer gives damage as a ratio of agility but now gives attack speed instead and Marksmanship no longer grants flat bonus Agility but rather gives a proc chance to ignore armor and instantly kill creeps. Drow Ranger was wildly considered to feel bad during the onset of 7.20 but 7.20c brought her a Marksmanship buff that adds 120 physical damage to procs on heroes which gave her the edge she needed to shine.

Stacking some early Wraith Bands on Drow Ranger makes her feel unbelievably good and help her to hit high levels of GPM through farming when coupled with her level 6 ability to farm ancients. Having a high GPM early start to a carry is extremely promising for a hero’s mid to late game potential and having free damage on heroes from her ult helps to shore up the damage issues she used to see early.

Drow Ranger tends to lose to more traditional hard carries such as Phantom Lancer, Arc Warden, and Spectre but counters Visage and Necrophos by a fair margin. She is obviously well suited for pushing ranged line ups and likes to see a Visage on her team if able.

5. Rubick

Rubick was a big winner in 7.20 with a skill rework - Arcane Supremacy, this new skill gives him Spell damage amplification and debuff duration amplification which means your spells are strictly better in his glorious Magus hands. Rubick unfortunately isn’t always strictly faster at casting spells now as his stolen spells no longer have 0 cast point but rather 0.15, however due to other buffs surrounding this hero this change is negligible. In addition, there were minor buffs to his statline and he has a higher base damage now which, when coupled with Null Talisman, creates an early monster.

Early in 7.20 Rubick’s Telekinesis seemed to last forever as with his Arcane Supremacy increasing the lift and stun time it was an insane disable, however in 7.20d this was tamed down a small bit but is still an extremely powerful tool.

Fade Bolt is an extreme nuke now, capable of dishing out up to almost 425 damage before reductions with 2 Null Talisman and a maxed out passive - what a bully.

Rubick is strong against Luna and Morphling, but struggles against Tiny, Templar Assassin and Huskar - though not by a huge margin. EG vs Plus Ultra game 2 of the Chongqing major can show the strength Rubick wields over Morphling with a 33/6 to 17/3 cs advantage by minute 5.

4. Zeus

While Zeus currently doesn’t enjoy the top win rate like Visage does, he sits pretty in 3rd place for win rate but holds double the pick/ban rate as Visage making him less pigeon holed.

Early Null Talismans really shored up Zeus’ early damage potential in this patch while he lost none of what made him a previous powerhouse. Whether it be through refresher shard Nimbus or just simple scouting Thundergod’s Wraths and easy dewarding - Zeus has become a stable pick for competitive Dota and seems to remain that way with few changes but many item change benefits.

Zeus struggles against Anti-Mage, Huskar, and Broodmother but is strong against Terrorblade and Tinker.

3. Visage

Surprise another physical heavy hero is benefiting from 7.20’s armor change! While not picked extremely often, Visage enjoys the highest Win Rate out of mid lane of any hero right now - making it clear that this hero is not to be trifled with in the correct settings.

Visage fits in well with teams that want to deathball and push, as well as bringing aoe stun potential to a team fight. He functions extremely well in Drow Ranger teams as well as in teams with great - armor synergy (Slardar).

Visage’s 40% XP gain talent at level 15 allows him to capitalize out of his solo mid experience and keep getting ahead to scale well into the mid game and towards the late game, reaching the +1 familiar talent at 25 is a decent boost in output.

Visage’s familiar summon physical burst potential is simply amazing - he can melt most heroes early on and can sustain team sieges with little risk to his hero as the familiars are a force on their own, even capable of playing more rat-style games if needed.

Visage struggles against Phantom Asssassin, Sniper, Axe, and Drow Ranger but counters Zeus, Invoker, Anti-Mage, and Morphling.

2. Phantom Assassin

Another strong Mid hero taking advantage of the new armor table is Phantom Assassin whose new blur ability is one of the big winners of 7.20. The new Wraith Bands make her stronger than ever before in the laning phases, just observe QO’s early dominance with 3 Wraith Bands.

Stifling Dagger has always been a strong harass option in lane as well to secure some last hits from a safe distance, however the 7.20e increase in mana cost can be an annoying nerf to her presence in lane. With the change to mana cost on her q as well as flat nerfs across the board to all her abilities Phantom Assassin misses out on the number 1 spot she would’ve previously enjoyed before e.

Phantom Strike’s change to give persisting bonus attack speed on any target after use is an amazing quality of lie change to Phantom Assassin’s ability to team fight as well as farm, making this ability another one of 7.20’s winners.

Now, the reason Phantom Assassin is strong in this patch: blur. This ability received an active with extreme utility - it allows her to go ‘invisible’ like a solo dust, except it ‘breaks’ when near an enemy hero with a 0.75 second fade delay. Most players will be easily able to see the benefits of using this ability especially while farming ancients - however since it can be activated in melee range of enemy heroes and still has a fair fade time it can be used as a pseudo manta dodge which allows many amazing plays. 7.20d’s nerf to the cast point of Blur has put a stopper on some of the utility, and 7.20e’s change to the mana cost has also helped to bring Phantom Assassin out of the number 1 spot.

The armor table changes can also help her scale better since higher armor has more value now so does negative armor effects - Desolator has always been a strong option on Phantom Assassin and coupled with her -3-armor talent it can pave the way to some extreme physical burst in this patch.

Phantom Assassin is strong against Visage and Huskar, however she is weak against Puck, Ember, and Morphling as those heroes possess significant magical damage potential as well as decent escape options.

1. Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is the most stable Mid hero in 7.20, he has very few bad matchups and even in those bad matchups it is possible for him to not die and still receive fair amounts of farm.

Dragon Knight also brings valuable team fight initiation in the form of Dragon Tail and his new armor scaling will help him stay relevant in fights for longer - he truly gives the full package and it is no surprise he is one of the highest picked mid heroes in the Chongqing major.

Breathe Fire reducing enemy heroes base damage is part of what makes Dragon Knight effective in lane - EG vs Plus Ultra game 1 of the Chongqing major is a great example of this as Morphling’s high base damage from Morph Agility is largely negated forcing an equal trade in farm.

Dragon Knight has a fair match up against most heroes in the game mid and can attain at least some farm in lane against most heroes - Outworld Devourer and Timbersaw being the two heroes that can sometimes manage to get the upper hand by use of their pure damage to bypass his natural armor. Ember Spirit can also be favored against Dragon Knight.

All together the fact that Dragon Knight rarely loses any matchup mid, is extremely tanky, and can scale well means that he is a solid pick for climbing the MMR ladder. For an example of first-hand high-level Dragon Knight gameplay observe the M-god himself, Miracle.

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