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best dota 2  mid heroes
Stuck in the mmr trench? Try picking mid heroes and carrying the game solo. Here are the best ten to do the job.

1. Meepo


Meepo is our tenth hero. We’ve said this before, but we cannot possibly emphasize enough how serious we are about it now. DO NOT PLAY THIS HERO in ranked matchmaking if you haven’t done it before. When you play Meepo, you aren’t just playing Meepo – you’re playing several Meepos. This hero makes clones of itself. That’s what makes it so strong in the midlane, but also so vulnerable.

Meepo is one of only a handful of heroes whose ultimate you can upgrade before level 6. This allows you to clone yourself and start doing twice as much very early. Add in a root and two skills that deal massive damage and you have quite the threat. Just be careful – this hero is hard for even professional gamers to master.

That’s our top ten list of Dota mid heroes right now. Let us know any you’d add or replace!

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