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best dota 2  mid heroes
Stuck in the mmr trench? Try picking mid heroes and carrying the game solo. Here are the best ten to do the job.

5. Tinker


It is the same story for Tinker. If you know how to play this hero, you will be a menace to your enemy. If you don’t, you will be a menace to your team. And noobs be warned: Tinker is one of the hardest heroes to master in Dota 2, with the highest actions per minute required of any hero in the game.

In the laning stage, use Tinker’s Laser to completely disable your opponent’s ability to last-hit. Against a hero like SF, this can be devastating. If you’re having a hard time getting last-hits though, use Tinker’s march to secure them without having to show yourself in lane. And when you think you can get a kill, send out your high-damage rockets. Once you get your ultimate, the laning stage is over – for everyone. You can now be all places, at all times. Have fun.

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