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best dota 2  mid heroes
Stuck in the mmr trench? Try picking mid heroes and carrying the game solo. Here are the best ten to do the job.

6. Templar Assassin


Templar Assassin is a niche pick. Do not pick this hero in ranked matchmaking if you don’t understand how Psi Blades work. A good TA player can avoid early-game ganks, get a desolater and blink dagger around minute 20 and end the game 5-10 minutes later. A bad TA player will feed and never find their place in the game.

TA is unique because her skills are truly like no other in Dota 2. Refraction fully blocks several damage instances, while increasing her damage. Meld grants TA invisibility and a huge damage boost. And her psi-blades allow your attacks to do damage to anything behind your target, leading to some pretty crazy kills sometimes. Use her well and you can solo-carry; use her poorly and you’ll get four quick reports from your teammates.

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