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best dota 2  mid heroes
Stuck in the mmr trench? Try picking mid heroes and carrying the game solo. Here are the best ten to do the job.

8. Dragon Knight


Dragon Knight mid is popular in much the same way as Medusa. The midlane gets crowded nowadays in Dota 2. This is the simple truth behind Sumail’s switch from mid to offlane. And what’s the best preparation for a scary midlane? Dragon’s blood – high armor and high hp regeneration.

Dragon Knight’s nuke is usually skilled first, just like Dusa. CS is the most important part of playing the midlane. Not only can dragon breath grab some last hits, it also reduces the enemy hero’s damage dealt – making last hitting even easier for the duration of the spell. And when things get worrisome? DK’s passive is one of the buffest in the game. Don’t expect many kills early from your DK, but when he gets his ult that midlane tower will be gone in a matter of minutes. And if you’re lucky enough to play at an MMR where DK’s actually skill their stuns, he’s got some pretty massive kill potential as well.

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