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D&D Best Class Combinations
Ever tried a Fighter Warlock?

1. Witch Hunter (Rogue-Warlock)

Witch Hunters are those inquisitors who have made pacts with dark powers in order to slay greater evils. Their magic is usually related to the dark powers, powers they must occasionally work to retain their strength. However, this does not dismiss their quest to purge the world of whatever threat they see as greatest. Witch Hunters are Swashbuckler Rogues who have access to a small menagerie of powerful spells they use in combat to overpower their foes.


  • High damage
  • High maneuverability
  • Many skills

How to use effectively:

  • Level into Warlock first, taking the Pact of the Blade (although the Pact of the Chain is also acceptable), then choosing your Otherworldly Patron
  • Next, level into Assassin Rogue (or Thief Rogue, depending on personal taste)
  • Gain access to high damage spells right away, ones that do not require upkeep (such as Witch Bolt)
  • Take the feat Mage Slayer as soon as possible
  • Take the feat War Caster soon, but no need to rush

Roleplaying Hooks:

  • You are a member of an ancient/ royal order dedicated to the protection of the people from evil magic
  • You are a traveling witch hunter, selling your prowess in return for gold
  • You experienced a horrific tragedy in your past that drew you into the career of Witch Hunting

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Krunchyfrogg's picture

Krunchyfrogg 2 years 6 months ago

It’s impossible to take warcaster and fighter at level 1, since the prerequisite for that feat is the ability to cast a spell.


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