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D&D Best Class Combinations
Ever tried a Fighter Warlock?

2. Duelist (Fighter-Rogue)

A Duelist is different from a Swashbuckler Rogue by the inclusion of the Fighter’s Fighting Style and subsequent Battle Master maneuvers. These maneuvers allow for more than just extended combat actions, but actually, expand the enter theme of one-on-one combat to the point that the duelist can rarely be defeated.


  • Great at one-on-one combat
  • High maneuverability
  • High survivability

How to use effectively:

  • Become a Swashbuckler Rogue, then a Battle Master Fighter
  • Get the Two-Weapon Fighting fighting style, then the Dual Wielder feat
  • Use two longswords, two battle axes, two war hammers, or any other 1d8 damage dual wielding combo

Roleplaying Hooks:

  • You are a traveling duelist who challenges local champions for coin, turned to a life of adventure
  • You are an elite royal guardsman for a lord that was slain unjustly, you seek revenge
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Krunchyfrogg's picture

Krunchyfrogg 2 years 6 months ago

It’s impossible to take warcaster and fighter at level 1, since the prerequisite for that feat is the ability to cast a spell.


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