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D&D Best Class Combinations
Ever tried a Fighter Warlock?

3. Pugilist (Barbarian-Monk)

Boxers, tavern brawlers, wrestlers, all of them fall into this line of thought. This class is for those who want to deal a lot of damage over the course of several repeated hits. Think of it as a combo class.


  • High damage
  • Multiple attacks in a turn
  • No weapons or armor needed

How to use effectively:

  • Take your first 2 levels in Barbarian, then become a monk after
  • Strength should be your highest stat, then Dexterity, CON, then WIS
  • Get the Tavern Brawler feat as soon as possible
  • Important feats in order: Grappler (Optional), Tough, Savage Attacker

Roleplaying Hooks:

  • You are traveling brawler that wishes to seek your fortune adventuring rather than carousing pubs
  • You are a professional boxer/ wrestler/ pit fighter who has decided to use your skill for the greater good
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Krunchyfrogg's picture

Krunchyfrogg 2 years 6 months ago

It’s impossible to take warcaster and fighter at level 1, since the prerequisite for that feat is the ability to cast a spell.


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