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D&D Best Class Combinations
Ever tried a Fighter Warlock?

5. Inquisitor (Paladin-Rogue)

Inquisitors are those trusted few, encharged by the holy church to purge deviancy from their doctrine among their ranks. Inquisitors play similarly to rogues, but with even more damage output, and high survivability.


  • High damage
  • High burnout
  • Low flexibility

How to use effectively:

  • Paladin levels first, get heavy armor and level into your divine smite ability
  • Dabble occasionally in rogue, either Assassin Rogue (for more combat focused players) or Inquisitive Rogue (for more roleplay focused players)
  • Use as many abilities as you can at once, burnout your resources to destroy the enemy
  • Choose which fights you want to burn out on wisely, otherwise you’ll be lacking in the power department
  • Get utility focused paladin spells, as most of your slots will most likely be spent on smiting

Roleplaying Hooks:

  • You were sent on a secret mission by the church to wipe out insurrection
  • You were too radical for the courts of the faith and were ex-communicated, but your righteous zeal still holds true
  • You work for no state church, but instead a mysterious cult
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Krunchyfrogg 2 years 6 months ago

It’s impossible to take warcaster and fighter at level 1, since the prerequisite for that feat is the ability to cast a spell.


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