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D&D Best Class Combinations
Ever tried a Fighter Warlock?

8. Glade Guardian (Druid-Monk)

Wisdom is necessary for both monks and druids, meaning they have natural chemistry. Glade Guardians transform into the creatures they are attempting to protect, using their advanced training in martial arts to increase their primal prowess. These could resemble a nordic bear champions who fight with a sapient fury, a Native American wolf warrior who act with the determination of the alpha, or an Indian monkey xingzhe resembling a baboon with martial talents.


  • High dexterity and wisdom
  • Multiple attacks every round starting at a low level
  • Nature/ primal spellcasting

How to play effectively:

  • Run this idea past your DM, as it includes allowing the use of the monk’s Martial Arts while in the druid’s Wild Shape
  • Monk at level 1, as druid will be used mostly for its Wild Shape only
  • Level heavily into monk
  • Perhaps go 2 levels into Divination Wizard as to give your character luck control

Roleplaying Hooks:

  • A Nordic bear warrior, fighting a crusade in the name of god and glory
  • An Aztec jaguar knight, capable of turning into the creature it’s named after in an effort to support the king by capturing slaves
  • An Indian monkey xingzhe, traveling across the land challenging those who oppose his philosophy to duels of both wit and might
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Krunchyfrogg's picture

Krunchyfrogg 2 years 6 months ago

It’s impossible to take warcaster and fighter at level 1, since the prerequisite for that feat is the ability to cast a spell.


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