Top 10 Brawl Stars Best Brawlers

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Gotta catch 'em all.

Who Are The Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars?

Time to settle the top 10 debate once and for all.

Who’s the best Brawler out there? – The million dollar question. You’ve probably come across multiple lists before landing here. Hopefully, this will be the last one you read. Until the next update, at least.

We know this depends on many factors such as playing style or game mode, so we’ve done our best to acknowledge them all and make a fair, comprehensive top 10. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

10. Jessie

The underrated wonder.

To kick things off, we have Jessie at #10. You may argue she could be ranked a little higher on the list, and we’d almost agree with you. She excels at some game modes (here's looking at you, Siege), but performs 'fine' at others, which kind of balances out. While not a damage-dealing beast like others on this list, she has many cards up her sleeve –the turret- which more than make up for her shortcomings.

What’s great about Jessie:

  • Thanks to an up in speed, she’s now more solid as a Gem Carrier.
  • Her control in Brawl Ball is just great, making a deadly combo with the speed bump mentioned above.
  • The turret. It can be a very frustrating experience for her foes, even if bushes don’t regenerate now. It still can be healed up with Jessie’s own attack orbs.

Brawler Power Rating: 79/100.

9. Tara

She's seen your future: death at her hands.

Tara’s a little lower than I would’ve liked but she’s affected by the current long-range meta, as she’s more capable and does way more damage when she’s up close. Still, her cards prove very useful in Showdown, Heist and Brawl Ball, which makes her fairly versatile.

What’s great about Tara:

  • I have to talk about her Super. It’s just like, the best Super in the game. Well, second best, but we’ll get to that later. Her Super just does crazy damage and literally sucks enemies into it, so there’s very little chance of escaping.
  • Her cards pierce through enemies and she can break walls, part of the reason she has a spot on this list.
  • Her Star Power is also great, as ‘another Tara’ appears in the field and starts attacking, inflicting a good amount of damage per blow.

Brawler Power Rating: 80/100.

8. Nita

Cute and deadly. And I'm not talking about the bear.

Nita is the first unlockable character in the game, which may make her seem low-tier or somewhat useless, but she’s far from that, thanks to past buffs. She’s now very versatile, being of great use in Brawl Ball, Gem Grab or Showdown.

What’s great about Nita:

  • Her Super Attack, if used wisely, can be destructive in close range.
  • Add her ability to shoot through walls and you’ve got yourself a pretty good, maybe all-around brawler.
  • Oh, and don’t forget her bear. Never forget her bear. It’s very helpful in multiple game modes. It can be a distraction for enemies –it follows them- or an attack force to be reckoned with.

Brawler Power Rating: 82/100.

7. Brock

With a smile as confident as that one, do you really think you can beat him?

Brock has a well-earned spot on this list because he’s a genuine game-changer. He also benefits from the current meta as he’s a long-range brawler, but that doesn’t mean his close-up game is poor. You can describe him as a glass cannon without the glass. To top it off, he’s easy to use. Pretty solid Brawler.

What’s great about Brock:

  • His normal attack deals a lot of damage when it hits. It might be a little hard for you to land a blow, but once you do, it’s all worth it.
  • His Super can destroy obstacles, such as walls or bushes, which no longer regenerate, opening the field much more.
  • His ‘Rocket Rain’ is just outrageous and hard to evade. Once it hits the ground, it catches fire and inflicts ridiculous damage (300 per second) to his opponents.

Brawler Power Rating: 84/100.

6. Darryl

He's on a roll. Literally.

Here’s another Brawler that maybe, just maybe, deserved better. He’s very strong and can take out a bunch of enemies with one attack, but he’s not that easy to get to know or get around with, so it sort of balances out. Still, it should be high on your priority list if you’re an experienced player, as he has a lot of untapped potentials.

What’s great about Darryl:

  • His normal attack deals a huge amount of damage in close range. Actually, combined with his Super, he’s among the best in raw power.
  • His Super can be used both to surprise the enemy team and run away. Choose a path, and Darryl will destroy everything in his way.
  • His close-range nature doesn’t work as well with the current meta, but his Star Power-ups his defense a lot, letting him escape from prolific shooters.

Brawler Power Rating: 86/100.

5. Rico

The best little robot that does great honor to its name.

I know what you’re thinking. Let me answer the question nobody’s asking. Rico deserves to be top 5 because, right now, he’s really, really good. He’s improved over time. With the changes made to Brawl Ball and Heist, he’s more viable and useful than ever. His bullets gain range as they bounce off walls, which makes him perfect for the current meta. Neglected before, he’s a full-fledged star now.

What’s great about Rico:

  • The bullets in his Super pierce through enemies and can hit those hiding behind cover.
  • Sole shots don’t do a lot of damage, but after the first bounce, you better watch out for them. For you, Rico users out there, make the most out of that first bounce.
  • His Super maximizes the range of his bouncy bullets, so it takes a lot of advantage of the current meta, making him a formidable brawler.

Brawler Power Rating: 87/100.

4. Mortis

Yeah, I'm shocked too.

Here’s a tricky pick. It might come as a shock to many of you, and it’s understandable, as he’s not easy to get used to or learn to use. Even so, if you give him a chance, trust me, it will pay off. He’s a great Brawler, very quick and powerful. With his dashing, he can escape from literally anywhere. Come, wreak havoc, and leave. That should be his motto.

What’s great about Mortis:

  • Mortis is really hard to hit, be it from long-range or up close due to his amazing speed.
  • His damage got a buff recently, 12% to be exact, meaning he’s even more deadly than ever. He can take out a brawler in a flash. Literally.
  • Another pretty great thing about Mortis is his self-healing ability. Kill someone with him and you’ll recover up to 800 in health.

Brawler Power Rating: 89/100.

3. Pam

The redheaded tank that'll probably save you more than once.

Pam earns the bronze medal on this list. She’s a ‘tank’, with tons of health, and has some of the best range in the game, which does her a very big favor right now. Still, face-to-face brawls are her A-game. That’s where she truly shines, as her strength is practically unmatched. Great at everything and a good choice for everyone.

What’s great about Pam:

  • Versatile as can be, she holds her own against pretty much any brawler in any mode due to her ‘tank’ nature and long range.
  • She also has really good healing capabilities. Like, really good. She can recover a tremendous amount of health. And her Super...
  • Great for Gem Grab or Heist, where she can keep everything safe, including her teammates. 

Brawler Power Rating: 91/100.

2. Leon

Just like the money in your bank account.

Long live the former king of Brawl Stars. At least for now. He was just so good for so long, it’s almost fair to see him go down the rankings. He’s been nerfed in the current update, but his Super is still the best in the game, and he’s still useful in many game modes. You certainly can’t go wrong with him.

What’s great about Leon:

  • He turns invisible, which helps him catch enemies off guard.
  • His Super, despite being reduced to 8 seconds, is still the absolute best in the game. 8 seconds is still plenty of time to inflict loads and loads of damage.
  • Leon’s the best brawler if what you want is to get kills. He just does so much damage, even with the recent nerf. Also, he’s awesome at Bounty and Brawl Ball.

Brawler Power Rating: 94/100.

1. Spike

That's a dangerous combo right there.

Oh, controversy. With the current meta, Spike has to take the throne as the best Brawler. He’s damn good at all game modes and doesn’t shy away from any particular map. He got a good buff too, which combined with Leon’s nerf, helps him climb to the top.

What’s great about Spike:

  • His Super is awesome, as it traps everyone together, slows them down and inflicts tons of damage. And he also heals himself while at it. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Aside from his devastating Super, he just does a lot of damage overall, even with a normal attack. The needles in his grenades are always an issue for foes, as he attacks around walls.
  • As explained above, versatility is the one trick he’s good at. You can play him in any mode and not worry about anything, which is great. Playing with confidence is the first step to victory.

Brawler Power Rating: 96/100.

That’s it, folks. Some of you may agree, some may disagree, but that’s what makes this game so beautiful, and so good. Bottom line is, you’ll probably kick some ass with any of these Brawlers.

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