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military shooter games
Get to the LZ through the slums.

5. Squad

Squad Gameplay

Set during “Modern Times” the Canadian developer, Offworld Industries created Squad to be a tactical 40 v. 40 person online mash-up. Each player selects a different role in groups, or squads, of nine players, with jobs like rifleman, medic, heavy anti-tank, etc.  

The video shows a middle eastern fighter taking out an entire squad of U.S. soldiers without them even knowing what hit ‘em. The entire time the gamer is over the headset coordinating this maneuver with the others on his team. They truly are a squad, to victory or death..

Over the Garden Wall: As the game title suggests, players move as a squad to secure locales and take out enemies. These players are fighting for the American side.

Born on the Bayou: An image of U.S. forces moving through a shallow water way, watching both sides for threats.

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