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Get to the LZ through the slums.

8. Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Gameplay

Imagine a Stalker MMO game set in a Russian town called Tarkov that happens to be sealed off from the outside world. Inside is a living, quest riddled maze with danger at every corner. Certain packs can be purchased at game’s start that will provide boosts like greater stash size and weapon upgrades, but considering how easy it is to get killed and looted, they are of modest use.

The alpha demo shows an area called customs which is basically a train yard with surrounding walls and buildings for exploring. This player is accompanied by a companion who will back them up if the situation goes south. Shotgun in hand, anything in range will be obliterated. The issue arises when targets are way down range and a handgun is the only alternative.

Too Close for Comfort: This guy is in the hot seat with a shotgun in his face, that’s never fun.

Raid, Loot, Repeat: A gas station with Russian signage, it presents a perfect opportunity for attainable recoverable goods.

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