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Get to the LZ through the slums.

11. Onward

Onward Gameplay

The first VR title on the list, this game was made by a college drop-out who dedicated his remaining tuition to developing it. Arm up as a member of the Marine Corps, with assault rifle in your real hand, and aim free. Movement around the map isn’t on a track like many other VR titles. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the game is an online multiplayer; how about them apples?

Under the cover of night, the demo video shows a head nod between players. The approach was on like donkey kong. Night vision goggles activated and silencers attached, the pair move through rows and rows of shipping containers in search of adversaries. Pop! Pop! VR allows them to lean naturally, as opposed to contextually, around the corners in order to take out hostiles.

Lawrence of Arabia: VR eyes look out over a desert base camp of practice shooting targets on the map “Gun Range”.

Five’s a Party: The bar light is on and so is a temporary siesta from typical festivities, i.e. combat.

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