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Get to the LZ through the slums.

12. War of Rights

War of Rights Official Gameplay Trailer (Civil War FPS Game)

Take a side, Confederacy or Union, in one of the bloodiest wars that the western hemisphere ever knew. Ambitiously constructed maps, every inch of the Battle of Sharpsburg is to photo/historical record and the amount of players in game makes the conflict feel realistic. The models for units and weapons are accurate to the period with wear and tear over use, for those with a fondness for antiquity.

The Union troops line-up in firing block formation and prepare for a confederate charge of bayonets. The field is open and bare, leaving the charging greys little cover. As you can see in the below photo, only one withstood the charge and was then immediately dispersed with by the captain’s revolver. This organization of regiments and distinct fighting styles makes this game unique, standing out against the modern shooters on the list.  

You say Hello, I say Goodbye: The leader of the regiment makes mince meat out of the charging soldier, laying him to rest next to his fellow mates.

No Pushing!: The confederate line-up condenses to increase the amount of continuous fire-power sent down range. (Muzzle loaders take a while)

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