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Get to the LZ through the slums.

14. Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line Gameplay (Warning: explicit)

A group of Delta Force operatives are sent to the ruins of Dubai in order to locate survivors of a lost brigade. Published by 2K games, Spec Ops: The Line, has both single player and multiplayer capabilities. The game is tactical and allows players to use cover, the environment and group tactics in order to overcome enemies.

The gameplay opens with Captain Walker, the main character, discovering a fallen soldier in an armored vehicle. From there the squad moves on to attempt diplomacy with a group of Persian units also on an armored truck. They make quick ends to these foes while distracting them with a translator speaking Farzi. The sprint mechanic makes the game fast paced and smooth, there is also a slow-motion feature that kicks in when scoping on enemies. Players of Gears of War will recognize much of the features.

Sandstorm is Brewing: Captain Walker trudges through the desert outside of a Dubai as a sand cloud approaches.

Yo! Lay Me Down Some Cover Fire: Using cover, the squad attacks an enemy in front of a fallen aircraft covered in sand.

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