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Best Kitana Cosplay
When you're royalty, family can get... complicated.

3- Laura Crystal

Laura Crystal cosplay Kitana

Laura Crystal Kitana cosplay

Cosplay by Laura Crystal 

Once Kitana has beaten you for a second round, the rest of the world fades away. And there is only her and whatever fatality she chooses to use on you.

2-Dayna Baby Lou

Dayna Baby Lou cosplay Kitana

Dayna Baby Lou Kitana cosplay

Cosplay by Dayna Baby Lou

This artistic take on Kitana is very warrior princess-meets- greek goddess. We are here for it.

1- KimChi Cosplay

KimChi cosplay Kitana

KimChi cosplay Mortal Kombat

Cosplay by Kimchi Cosplay 

We aren’t entirely sure, but we suspect Kitana may have joined a biker gang. We also suspect she’s been influenced by the Lin Kuei clan.

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