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D&D Best Race
Elven rangers are a common sight in the D&D universe.

9. Paladin 


Best Stat Based Choice:  Human, Dragonborn, Aasimar

Champions of Law and Justice, Paladins are the warrior elite of the realms. To become Paladins, aspirants must not only be excellent warriors but pass a variety of tests, which make them worthy of the title. As such, they are held to a higher standard than other warriors, and they can lose their title for a variety of infractions against their faith. 

Aasimar are touched by the Upper Planes and have +2 Charisma, Healing Hands and Celestial Resistance, so they have a natural inclination towards Justice and Goodness. They also bring a bit of their chosen deity with them. Aasimar are already so close to the Upper Planes that there are looked are more-perfect than ordinary humans, and they tend to have very high charisma, which is essential for a good Paladin. 

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