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D&D Best Race
Elven rangers are a common sight in the D&D universe.

7. Druid  

Best Stat Based Choice: Human, Elf, Firbolg

Druids are guardians and keepers of the Forest. Their mission in life is to protect the sanctity and balance of nature at all costs. They are always in-tune with the rhythm of life and the flow of nature. They observe above all the great balance that must be maintained, the eternal cycle between predator and prey, day and night, good and evil. Trees must not be cut down. Animals must not be hunted, water must not be polluted. 

Firbolgs are natural druids with their +2 wisdom. They are a bit more savage than elves, as their alignment is always tending towards neutrality, an important aspect for a successful druid. They are reclusive, live in forests or caves and prefer to stay far from civilization. Their large size and strength make them more resistant than other races for living in the wild. 

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