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D&D Best Race
Elven rangers are a common sight in the D&D universe.

5.  Bard  

Best Stat Based Choice: Human, Half-Elf or Aasimar

Bards are the ancient story-tellers and musicians who carry the lore, entertain, and amuse people with their musical and oratory skills. They were also the trumpet-bearers who led troops into battle with their tunes. It is said that Merlin the magician was first and foremost a great Bard, an in our day and age, Bards are our rock-stars, and rappers, who determine much of what popular culture is all about.

Half-Elves are the best possible bards because they come from the two most important civilizations in all the Realms, the ancient, very long-loved and magically-inclined Elves and Humans, who although live but for a short time, have the largest and most powerful cities of all, and who also have the most tales to tell. They also count with a +2 charisma. 

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