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D&D Best Race
Elven rangers are a common sight in the D&D universe.

 11. Sorcerer  

Best Stat Based Choice: Human, Gith, Tiefling

Sorcerers are people who are gifted with magical ability from birth. They learn magic, not by study and hard work, but more like in some kind of awakening to their own innate powers. Many sorcerers claim to be descendants of Dragons or Fay Creatures, or even Devils and Demons, and that is how they believe they receive their magical gifts. 

My choice: Tieflings, with +1 intelligence, +2 charisma and Infernal Inheritance, are the absolute best sorcerers because they are born from a combination of human and demonic entities. As such, they carry in their blood the natural magic that flows from the Lower Planes. Most tieflings are simply unfortunate and try to live among ordinary humans in peace and harmony, but others actually embrace their darkness. Either way, magic is as important to tieflings as water to fish. 

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