Top 10 Greatest Dragon Ball Z Fights of ALL Time!

best dbz fights
Goku and Vegeta face off again in their Super Saiyan forms, sporting their radiant golden hair as sharp as their spite towards one another.

Top 10 Best DBZ Fights of All Time

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most iconic, if not the most, iconic Shōnen. From the well-known spikey golden hair of the Super Saiyan to the countless signature moves we used to imitate when we were younger, (or the fact that every Saiyan is named after a vegetable (and they come from a planet basically named vegetable).

DBZ is renowned for quite a bit, but the series itself is probably best known for the fights spanning from the Saiyan Arc, all the way to Kid Buu.

So grab your sword gifted by Tapion, and power up. Let’s slice through, the Top 10 Best DBZ Fights of All Time!


10. Goku vs. Vegeta

 An awesome battle emanates between the two Saiyans, spanning several episodes.

Goku is a Saiyan warrior that crash-landed on earth when he was only a baby. He was raised by his Grandpa Gohan and is earth’s strongest hero and humanity’s last hope. Vegeta, the Prince of the Saiyan race, is the rightful heir to the throne of Planet Vegeta.

Planet Vegeta once housed the virtually extinct Saiyan race. The two face off in their first fight, which will spark their life long rivalry. (Thus inspiring thousands of young kids to attempt at powering up kaioken in their bedrooms.)

Along with having some of the most iconic imagery in the series, this fight in its very essence invites nostalgia. Taking us back to a time when power levels meant nothing, Goku and Co. were fighting actual gods, and when Z felt like Dragon Ball.

What Makes this Fight Awesome: 

  • Kaioken x10 Goku.
  • Great iconic imagery, super memorable as when you see any of the classic poses you know what fight it is from.
  • Kaioken.
  • First use of the spirit bomb. 
  • Goes into detail about the Mighty Oozaru form. 
  • Gives a sense of nostalgia as we watch Goku take on a bigger stronger threat than what he faced in Dragon Ball. 

Watch the battle between Goku and Vegeta:


9. Vegito vs. Super Buu

After all else fails, Vegeta and Goku fuse dominating over Buu, even after being turned into candy.

The fused form of both Vegeta and Goku (in that order specifically). Vegito has the cocky, smug attitude of Vegeta taking on most of his personality, but with the combined power of Goku. Super Buu became the mightiest Majin after absorbing the Z Fighters, as well as Ultimate-Gohan. Going up on our list, this iconic fight introduces one of the most memorable fusions in the series.

Throughout the entire fight, you can feel the smugness of Vegeta pour through. Vegito toys with Super Buu tossing him around, and tanking his attacks like they are nothing more than a basic Ki blast. This inspired hope that our fused heroes would pull through in avenging their friends, and saving the earth. Alas, due to a last-ditch underhanded effort by Buu, the fight was lost and the two were absorbed, but it was not the end.

What Makes this Fight Awesome: 

  • Super Buu.
  • Vegito.
  • Vegito dominating the battlefield with his raw power, and cocky remarks.
  • Character design for both fighters, but Super Buu’s, in particular, is pretty badass.

Watch the battle between Vegito and Super Buu:


8. Vegeta vs. Android 18

She didn’t have to do him like this, but he was asking for it.

Android 18, originally Lazuli, was kidnapped along with her brother, Android 17, by Dr. Gero. They were experimented on, then restructured as Android 17 and 18, before being put into stasis by the maniacal quack. She is later activated by Gero in the Android Saga. 

How do I sum up this fight without sounding too tactless? Vegeta got bodied, by Android 18. She mopped the floor with him. She took all of his smug and cocky remarks and shoved them down his throat. (Along with his teeth when she kicked him right in his pure-blooded face.)

Broken Saiyan pride aside, (I like Vegeta guys I swear) a part of what makes this fight one of the best, is that this was the first account of anyone beating a Super Saiyan fair-and-square. No tricks, or hidden moves, no destroying planets in childish tantrums; just a fair fight that resulted in a bodied prince.

What Makes this Fight Awesome:

  • Android 18. 
  • Vegeta getting his ass handed to him after talking so much trash is kinda funny. 
  • A non-Super Saiyan beating a Super Saiyan fairly. (Which at the time was sorta a big deal.)
  • Hilariously short.

Watch the battle between Vegeta and Android 18:


7. Vegeta vs. Android 19

To everyone’s surprise, Vegeta has become Super Saiyan! Quickly, he dispatches Android 19, but not before humoring him for a bit.

Android 20 is the final android created by Dr. Gero. There is not much to him. He was modeled after a doll Gero brought back as a trophy from an enemy base. This was during his days with the Red Ribbon Army before Goku defeated them as a kid. Remember how on the last number I was talking about how Vegeta got bodied? Yeah? Well, this is the fight that gave him the confidence boost to get there. 

This is one of the shortest fights in DBZ, but my Kami is it badass watching Vegeta completely decimate the zany-looking android. This made him even more of a smug, blowhard with even higher skills than before. This was the first appearance of Super Saiyan Vegeta. It certainly increased the hype when watching this fight when first viewing the series. 

What Makes this Fight Awesome:

First time we see Super Saiyan Vegeta.

Super enjoyable to watch Vegeta just toy with 19 before destroying him.

Vegeta is the hype in this fight.

Watch the battle between Vegeta and Android 19:


6. Nappa vs. Z Fighters

The Z Fighters prepare to face off with Nappa and his Saibamen.

This fight was intense. As a kid, there was unease at the beginning of The Saiyan Saga as Krillin, Piccolo, Gohan, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu (the Z Fighters) prepared for the impending Saiyan threat; all while Goku hastens down Snake Way to assist his friends and son. This really kept us on the edge of our seats. The dread and disparity of the fighters could be felt as nothing they tried worked, and it seemed that all of their training was useless.

The outcome of this fight was devastating to watch as a kid (especially if you started with Dragon Ball and know these characters' origins). The loss and sacrifice are felt at the beginning of Z before the dragon balls became everyone’s “Get-out-of-HFIL-free” card. 

What Makes this Fight Awesome:

  • Old enemies now fighting together to save the earth.
  • The real sense of danger as the Z Fighters went up against such a strong foe.
  • Krillin’s Scattershot attack.
  • Piccolo saving Gohan from the Saibaman. “Enough!”
  • Mouth blast attacks.
  • Piccolo coming full circle, and sacrificing himself to save Gohan.

Watch the battle between Nappa and Z Fighters:


5. Android 17 vs. Piccolo    

Evenly matched at first, Android 17’s infinite stamina gives him the upper hand over Piccolo’s finite stamina.

Around the middle of the Imperfect Cell Saga, the brawl between Piccolo and Android 17 gets the number 5 spot. This is because of the non-stop action, and a considerably fair matchup between the two fighters.

It only became a fair fight after Piccolo fused with Kami, and closed the power gap, thus making him a Super Namekian. However, Android 17’s infinite stamina gave him a serious edge. Both were cunning and strategic (even though Android 17 sees it as more of a game at first) makes this fight an absolute blast to watch. 

Upon first viewing this, as a kid, I remember sitting eyes wide open waiting eagerly to see how one will best the other after each move. This has to be the best Non-Saiyan fight of series. I only wish it wasn’t cut short after Imperfect Cell arrived. 

What Makes this Fight Awesome:

  • Piccolo 
  • Android 17
  • Hell zone Grenade!
  • Piccolo and Android 17 kicks ass in this fight.
  • Best Non-Saiyan fight of the series

Watch the battle between Android 17 and Piccolo:


4. Goku vs. Frieza

After Frieza blows up Krillin, it sends Goku into a rage where he then transforms into a Super Saiyan. He then vanquishes Frieza and obliterating planet Namek in the process.

This is one of the most iconic fights in anime history. Goku confronts one of his greatest enemies, the Prince of the Frieza race, and destroyer of Goku and Vegeta’s birth planet, Frieza. The Namek Saga, Frieza Saga, as a whole, was a huge tonal shift for the series, thrusting our fighters into space and onto Planet Namek in search of the Namekian dragon balls to revive their friends.

The sheer length of the fight alone is memorable, this being the longest fight in the history of the series and anime. This fight is personal to Vegeta and Goku. Vegeta was basically pleading with Goku in his dying breath to avenge him, and their race that was eradicated by Frieza. Final-Form Frieza was a lot to take in as a kid. 

This was also the introduction of what would become the staple of DBZ, Super Saiyan. Goku’s first time going Super Saiyan will always be a classic moment in anime. The hype from the first time starting the Namekian Saga, leading up to the fight was crazy. Watching Goku transform for the first time was eye-widening. It will always put a smile on my face.

What Makes this Fight Awesome: 

  • SSJ Goku
  • Final Form Frieza
  • Super Saiyan!!!
  • Kaioken x20 Kamehameha
  • Spirit Bomb
  • They fought on a dying planet that imploded on itself.
  • “You fool!”
  • Longest fight in anime history. 

Watch the battle between Goku and Frieza:


3. Goku vs. Kid Buu

After receiving enough energy to charge up a massive spirit bomb, Goku overwhelms Kid Buu and disintegrates him with the blast.

All the Z Fighters are defeated, and the Earth is destroyed by Buu. All that stands between him and total victory is Goku. For our hero, victory seems impossible due to Buu’s regeneration. Being the last fight of the label-defining series, it was intense as well as fully rounding off Vegeta’s character arc, as he admits Goku is the strongest.

Giving one of the best final scenes in a fight and quotable lines from the Shonen powerhouse. Watching this as a kid, and feeling the conclusion nearing, really got you riled up rooting for Goku and Co. to find a way to triumph against the Majin annihilator.

What Makes this Fight Awesome:

  • Kid Buu.
  • The “This is impossible” feeling received every time Kid Buu regenerated.
  • Full of action. Stress inducing.
  • Vegeta finally admits Goku is stronger.
  • Goku and Vegeta pleading with earth to add their energy to the spirit bomb.
  • Old characters from both Dragon Ball make cameos.
  • Piccolo laughing.
  • Goku’s speech to Kid Buu.

Watch the battle between Goku and Kid Buu:


2. Teen Gohan vs. Cell

Although it cost a lot of energy, Gohan was able to defeat Cell, vaporizing him completely with his Father-Son Kamehameha.

Nearing the end of our list (you knew this one was coming). Teen Gohan vs. Cell is the second most emotional fight in the series, in my book. Watching Gohan snap after Cell crushed Android 16’s head when he was just inspiring him to protect what he loved, and just unhinged.

 This scene gets even more emotional in the Japanese dub. Introducing SSJ2 to the series, you knew it was about to hit the fan watching Gohan silently scowl at Cell. Watching Gohan obliterate the Cell Jrs, and then watching Cell panic as he got his comeuppance was so satisfactory to watch.

Remembering that this was the same little boy crying for his daddy in the Saiyan Saga, was just, damn... The heartstrings are really played after Goku sacrifices himself to save everyone from Cell’s self-destruct attack. All before we even got a chance to fully process what had just happened, Future-Trunks is killed by a reformed Cell, revealing that he survived the explosion that killed Gohan’s father.

Just a bunch of “Oh sh*t,” moments all around. Finally, Goku’s speech and the iconic Father-Son Kamehameha was the icing on the emotionally-impactful-and-forever-memorable-fight cake. Honestly, this fight would have been a damn near perfect fight to end the series.

What Make this Fight Awesome:

  • SSJ2 Gohan.
  • Gohan finally seriously kicking ass for a bit.
  • Goku’s sacrifice.
  • The Z Fighters joining in to help Gohan preparing to die helping Gohan and what they say.
  • Father-Son Kamehameha.
  • Dramatic Finish!

Watch the battle between Teen Gohan and Perfect Cell:


1. Majin Vegeta vs. Goku

After Vegeta allows Babidi to control him making him evil again, the second awesome fight between the two Saiyans begins.   

At the end of our list, we reach our final and best fight in DBZ. Majin Vegeta vs. Goku just hits so many notes. This fight is all about Vegeta, as it is upon the conclusion of his character arc. After Vegeta becomes a follower of Babidi, due to his realization that Babidi’s magic could restore him to his former heartless self when he first came to earth, at the peak of his ruthlessness and not giving remorse to much of anything.

Knowing Goku could never seriously hurt, let alone kill, someone he considered a friend added so much tension. Vegeta taking out all of his anger on Goku for all the years of Goku besting him in every way, the one and only Saiyan Prince, bested by a lowly Saiyan warrior and his half-breed son. Seeing the two pummel each other knowing that every blow Goku lays on Vegeta advances Majin Buu’s revival was stressful. 

Will they stop before they revive Buu? Will Vegeta actually win? Why is Vegeta doing this to his friends and family? Those were all the questions I asked myself while watching this fight go on as a kid. Then when Vegeta knocked Goku unconscious, after thinking they had settled a truce was such a “WTF?” moment. Yet, as flawed as Vegeta’s reasoning may be for giving himself to Babidi, when we learn his reasoning it makes you feel bad for him. This just makes his turn around at the end of the Saga so much more triumphant and heartwarming.

What Makes this Fight Awesome:

  • Majin Vegeta.
  • Evil Vegeta is oddly nostalgic.
  • That feeling of “WTF Vegeta?!”
  •  Genuinely awesome fight.
  • Vegeta tossing around Goku like a plaything was sorta satisfying to watch.
  • Buu is awakened.
  • You can see Vegeta’s character arc is really coming full circle during this fight as Goku reminds him of what’s important. 
  • Vegeta betraying Goku. 

 Watch the battle between Vegeta and Goku:

That’s that, the top 10 best DBZ fights of all time (excluding the movies). I gauged all of the fights based on the feelings I remember receiving when watching them for the first time as a kid. Of course, I know that it is entirely subjective, and everyone has their own top 10. Maybe you have a few on this list you agree with, or maybe you agree with all of them. Whichever it is, I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts as much as I did writing them. My name is Sym and remember to stay you, catch you guys later!

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