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Best girls attack on titan
The best girl squad

1. Historia Reiss

And the best girl crown goes to...

She used to go by the name ‘Christa Lenz’. Historia is a quiet girl who was easy to dismiss as a background character of little importance, but that was before it was revealed that she has deep ties to the core plot of Attack on Titan. However, she’s always looking out for others, putting them ahead of herself, and so is in turn loved by everyone.

What is awesome about her

So what gives Historia best girls status? Man, do you even have to ask? First of all,... she’s cuuuute. Alright case closed.

. . . 

Okay seriously though. Off the top of my head, these are some of the amazing things best girl Historia has to her name:

  • She brought an exhausted Sasha bread and water after Sasha was punished and made to run all evening without food. Mind you, Historia had to smuggle this, and Sasha had been forbidden to eat anything.
  • After Jean and Armin lost their horses during the female titan arc, she’s the only one who saw Armin’s emergency signal. PLUS, she came back with enough horses for them both.
  • Her loyalty to Ymir even if when Ymir tried her hardest to make her hate her. Honest, how many of you would stick around that long?
  • She stood up to her father’s brainwashing.
  • She stood up to Erwin (kinda), insisting that she wanted to fight on the frontlines.
  • She delivered majorly in that fight, dealing the killing blow to her titanised father.
  • She went straight from side character to Queen of the walls!
  • … ‘nuff said.

Really, Historia was set up from the beginning to be a very important character, we just didn’t notice it early enough.

Current Status

Historia is currently using her position as Queen to help out orphaned children, with some help from Levi’s bureaucratic skills, and will not be participating in the battle to retake Wall Maria.

Historia's Most Badass & Cutest Moments


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