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Best girls attack on titan
The best girl squad

2. Mikasa Ackerman

Badass Mikasa

The exceedingly calm and overprotective Mikasa. Very, very few people would not adore Mikasa by the 8th episode of season 1. Mikasa was taken in by Eren’s father when her family was murdered. She grew very attached to Eren, and goes to great lengths to protect him from any harm, a trait that can honestly get on a few nerves sometimes.

What is awesome about her

Her skills on the ODM gear are probably second only to Levi (debatable, I know). She’s been called a 100-man army, whose loss would be a serious blow to humanity. Mikasa actually went solo against the female titan and even managed to topple her for a moment. Again and again, she’s demonstrated her superior combat ability and battle sense. Little wonder then that she’s survived so long even after fighting so many times on the frontlines.

Current Status

Mikasa, as always, remains close to Eren with the goal of protecting him, and we can be 100% sure this will continue to be the case as the Survey Corps head out to the final battle to reclaim Wall Maria.

Some of Mikasa's greatest moments

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