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Best girls attack on titan
The best girl squad

5. Rico Brzenska

A woman of principle, this one

Rico is a short woman, a member of the Garrisons. Her skills though have earned her place as a squad leader and a member of the Garrison’s 1st Division Elite Forces.

While she first comes across as a cold hearted person ready to execute Eren and his friends after the revelation that he was a titan (read, ‘had the power of the titans’), it soon becomes clear that she’s simply a woman of pure logic, choosing to be pragmatic instead of being led by emotion.

What is awesome about her

She’s the one to question Pyxis’ relying on Eren’s experimental power on the (quite reasonable) grounds that it’s too risky. However, she also showed great dedication in protecting Eren as a titan from the other titans. This was even after she deemed the mission a failure. Her skills and dedication saved a few of her comrades, and helped ensure Eren’s safety as he plugged up the hole in Wall Rose. Even her relief after the hole was sealed was something we all felt as well.

Current Status

Rico’s current whereabouts are not explicitly stated, but it’s obvious she’s doing what she can under the command of Pyxis for humanity’s sake.

Rico gets her moments too

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