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8. Sasha Braus

The Potato Girl's at it again

Sasha comes from one of the mountain villages within the walls, so she’s used to life in the woods and has great skill with the hunting bow. She loves to eat, and being a huntress, her favourite thing to eat is meat.

Her family has a heavy accent, which she’s somewhat embarrassed about, so she’s mostly hidden this from everyone else by using an extremely polite style of speaking. We see Ymir calling her out for this in a flashback.

What is awesome about her

Sasha really brings some life to the otherwise dark world of Attack on Titan, so it’s no surprise that fans love her. Many of us held our breaths when she had to fight a titan solo (with only a bow and some four arrows to defend herself). This particular battle was all for the sake of a little girl she was trying to save. Respect for her definitely shot through the roof after this brave display of guts from Sasha.

We also can’t forget her superb aim and assists during the battle against Kenny’s squad. She literally saved Connie from certain death with an arrow straight to the heart of his would-be-killer. Best girl right there.

Current Status

Currently Sasha is part of the huge army formed by the Survey Corps, on the way to reclaim Wall Maria. Here’s to hoping she makes it back in one piece.

Who doesn't love Sasha? That's right. No one.

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