[Top 10] Ark Survival Best Caves And Why They're Great

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The mysterious, breath-taking Hidden Grotto

10. Northern Ice Cave - The Center 

The Northern Ice Cave is a stunning, cold cave protected by an underwater entrance. The reward for exploring this ice paradise is the Artifact of the Clever, as well as the Artifact of the Devourer. Both extreme cold and the risk of drowning prevent those with weak hearts from entering this zone. Some tips are to always bring a SCUBA costume, as well as a grappling hook. Or maybe 2 grappling hooks. They will be useful when you find yourself stuck. 

A cold, sparkling palace waiting for you to explore it - Northern Ice Cave

What makes the Northern Ice Cave Great: 

  • Wild creatures are not a danger, compared to other caves 
  • You find two important Artifacts here 
  • Its rooms are impressive 
  • It’s the perfect place to test your swimming skills 

How To Get to the Northern Ice Cave: 

  • The entrance is mainly underwater 
  • It is situated in the North-West part of The Center map

Coordinates: 18.7° Lat, 29.7° Lon

9. Ice Cave - Extinction 

Extinction brings amazing views, creatures, and challenging caves. If you want to get the Artifact of the Void and face the Ice Titan, this terrifying cave will be the obstacle that stands in your way. It is the home to many wild, untamable polar creatures. And the worst news is that they are all above max level. However, all its dangers can be viewed as incredible adventures and challenges, with a tempting reward that awaits the survivors. 

The mysterious, dark cave that protects the Ice Titan

Why is the Ice Cave great: 

  • You can find loot in various locations inside it 
  • The Artifact of the Void it’s situated in this cave 
  • It tests your combat abilities 
  • Contains important resources like obsidian and crystal 

How to get to the Ice Cave: 

  • It’s situated on the Western side of the Snow Dome
  • The entrance is quite visible 

Coordinates:  20.3° Lat, 62.2° Lon

8. Old Railway Cave - Aberration 

In the Old Railway Cave lies the Artifact of the Depths. After you enter the cave and go through a part of its tunnels, a beautiful waterfall takes your attention. Apart from the impressive views it offers, this cave isn’t that hard to explore and it’s home to the adorable Glowtail. So, if taming one of these little creatures has been on your wish list, the Old Railway Cave is the best place to start searching. Some tips for getting through this cage are taking with you an Aberrant Megalosaurus and a Cryopod. Also, a Tek Armor will get you out of any trouble.

An abandoned railway near an unground waterfall sounds tempting

Why is the Old Railway Cave great: 

  • It’s the perfect place for finding a Glowtail 
  • The Artifact of the Depths is situated inside the cave
  • It offers amazing views 
  • Valuable loots with rare items and blueprints can be found 

How to get to the Old Railway Cave: 

  • It can be found in the Fertile Region, on Aberration
  • It’s situated on the west side of a small lake
  • The Entrance is quite large, but it continues with a narrow tunnel 

Coordinates: 48.3° Lat, 27.2° Lon

7. Forest Cave - Extinction 

The Forest Cave is a simply designed, but beautiful cave, containing many interesting loots and dangerous creatures. Two zones that are worth mentioning are Helena’s Tomb and Terminal Area. The Yutyrannus is the perfect tame to bring on this journey, as its roar can force Purlovias out of their tunnels. Also, the cave is large and it consists of linear tunnels that lead to the Terminal. And when I say large, it means it can fit a Giga all the way to its last part. 

A luminescent forest is hidden in the darkest cave 

What makes the Forest Cave great:

  • It has valuable loot 
  • Contains the Artifact of Growth 
  • At the end of it, you can summon the Forest Titan 
  • Offers lots of resources, especially from wild creatures

How to get to the Forest Cave: 

  • It is situated in the Sunken Forest, on the Extinction map 
  • The cave can be found in the North-East of the underground zone of the Sunken forest
  • It has a classic, visible entrance 

Coordinates: 11.8° Lat, 39.3° Lon

6. Snow Cave - The Island

The Snow Cave is both a challenging place to explore and an amazing base to hold in PVP. In this cave, you can find the Artifact of the Strong and the name suggests exactly how hard it is to get through it. Don’t adventure here unless you have experience and you are well-prepared. Wild, untamable creatures with levels that can reach 340, extreme cold, and a confusing route can be easily your death. How to prepare? Bring strong armor, powerful weapons, grenades to aggro Purlovias, grappling hooks to travel faster, and Fria Curry to increase hypothermal insulation.

The Snow Cave - a wonderful and cold place to test your combat skills

What makes the Snow Cave great: 

  • The Artifact of the Strong can be obtained at the end of it 
  • It’s a valuable experience that every advanced player has to face 
  • Important resources can be obtained from wild creatures
  • It contains Blue, Yellow, and Red loots 

How to get to the Snow Cave: 

  • It’s located in the Snow Biome, on The Island
  • The cave is situated in the North-West part of the map

Coordinates: 29.1° Lat, 31.8° Lon

5. Ice Queen Labyrinth - Ragnarok

This cave is the road to the Ice Queen Boss and its arena. The labyrinth is as terrifying as the creature that awaits at the end of it. That being said, only experienced and probably insane players should adventure in this place. Don’t worry. You won’t have to fight many creatures, only one gigantic Ice Queen creature. Defeat it to get the Artifact of the Pack. If the Artifact isn’t your main focus, beating the Ice Queen also triggers the appearance of 3 red loot crates. 

This is what I mean when I say terrifying cave - Ice Queen Labyrinth

What makes the Ice Queen Labyrinth great:

  • You’ll have a worthy opponent to test your combat abilities 
  • It contains the Artifact of the Pack 
  • 3 red loot crates will spawn after defeating the Queen 
  • It offers a terrifying and impressive view

How to get to the Ice Queen Labyrinth: 

  • The Arena is situated at the end of the Frozen Dungen 
  • It is situated in the North-East, beneath Blizzard Peak
  • The entrance is through a waterfall 

Coordinates: 33.6° Lat, 40.5° Lon

4. Ruins of Nosti - Scorched Earth 

Ruins of  Nosti is a cave that protects the memory of a lost civilization. Its design takes your breath, as you explore the abandoned chambers and the complex structures it holds. In Explorer Notes, it’s written that Nosti was once a flourishing village that was suddenly destroyed by Obelisks. However, don’t let yourself be fooled by its beauty. The cave situated underneath a ruined Church is a spawning point for many dangerous creatures, including rare and deadly ones, like the Titanoboa and Rubble Golem. 

The ruins of a lost civilization lost hidden in the depth of a cave

What makes the Ruins of Nosti great: 

  • It contains many useful resources: Rare Mushrooms, Obsydian, Sulfur, and even Megalania Toxin 
  • At the end of it, you’ll find the Artifact of the Destroyer & a Scorched Sword Skin
  • It can be an incredible base for PVP
  • It impresses through its architecture 

How to get to the Ruins of Nosti:

  • It is situated underneath a ruined Church on Scorched Earth
  • The Church is located in the South-East, surrounded by Desert 

Coordinates: 78.5° Lat, 75.6° Lon

3. Life’s Labyrinth - Ragnarok 

This mysterious and incredible cave doesn’t only test your combat skills, but also your logic and problem-solving ability. This cave is a puzzle that must be solved in order to gather all 4 Artifacts: Artifact of the Clever, Artifact of the Devious, Artifact of the Skylord, and Artifact of the Massive. Your Jerboa will be used as a sacrifice on this journey, giving you a tragic heartbreak. The fire from the Fire Statue will kill it. Even more, it will burn your skin and let you with a memory of the place. However, you can always use a player instead of a dino.

Learn true values and make sacrifices for success in the Life's Labyrinth 

What makes Life’s Labyrinth great: 

  • It doesn’t resemble a usual cave, having a unique design 
  • The puzzles it holds will test your mind 
  • It enables incredible features, like burning your skin 
  • It contains four important artifacts
  • It allows you to fight the Spirit Direbear and the Spirit DireWolf

How to get to Life’s Labyrinth: 

  • It is situated in the Desert 
  • The dungeon is on the Eastern side of the map, in the North of the Desert
  • The entrance can be found under a rock, at the base of the mountains

Coordinates: 51.6° Lat,  77.5° Lon

2. Dragon Cave - Crystal Isles 

Crystal Isles is well-known for its beauty. The crystal clear lakes, blue lagoons, and wild, exotic vegetation make you feel like you have reached paradise. On top of all that, this gorgeous map offers impressive caves guarded by dangerous creatures and breathtaking statues. The large Dragon statue looks over the Artifact of the Pack but luckily for you, it won’t attack or transform the moment you take it. It’s as peaceful as the rest of the cave, so it can only charm you with its imposing, wonderful architecture. 

A stunning view that enchants any passer - The mistic dragon 

What makes the Dragon Cave great: 

  • Its views are the main reason why anyone should explore this cave 
  • It offers many useful resources if you are willing to discover its beauty 
  • The cave is large and lets you take your tames with you 
  • It contains the Artifact of the Pack 
  • You can dive into its waters or explore its lands and find an old Wyvern’s skeleton

How to get to the Dragon Cave:

  • It is hidden by the vegetation of the Floating Islands, to the left of the waterfall, under a large yellow crystal
  • The cave is located in the Eastern part of the map 
  • The entrance is made up of stone ruins 

Coordinates: 48.5 Lat, 75.4 Long

1. Hidden Grotto - Aberration 

The Hidden Grotto is the perfect combination of adventure and impressive views. It is considered one of the hardest caves of the game, as dangerous, evil creatures will attack you constantly. Even more, because of its structure, your tame can not enter it and the void you have to pass makes survival a real challenge. A large part of the cave requires underwater travel, so make sure to bring SCUBA armor and a Harpoon Launcher. Also, a Climbing Pick or a Zip-Line Anchor will probably save your skin for more than one time. 

Search the Artifact in the shadows of the waterfalls and glare at the luminescent trees

What makes the Hidden Grotto great: 

  • It contains the Artifact of the Shadows
  • The cave is one of the hardest, challenging all your abilities 
  • You can find many useful resources in it: Blue Gems, Water, Crystal, Metal, etc.
  • Its bioluminescent structures and impressive waterfalls create a unique view
  • It’s possible to tame creatures found inside the cave, like Baryonyx and Sarcos

How to get to the Hidden Grotto:

  • It is located in the Bio-Luminescent Region, on Aberration
  • The cave’s entrance is situated in the lake, through an underwater, vertical tunnel
  • It is situated in the East of the map, near the Crystalline Swamps

Coordinates: 55.2° Lat, 65.9° Lon

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