[Top 12] Age of Wonders 4 Best Society Traits To Have

Age of Wonders 4 Best Traits
Wizard Queen For the Win

One of the most important mechanics in Age of Wonders 4 is “Society Traits.” Now while race traits affect little bonuses, your society traits will function as kingdom bonuses.

The best builds have Society Traits that fit the playstyle you’re looking to achieve. These will influence which buildings are built, how big your armies are, or even your level of aggression. 


12. Talented Collectors

Age of wonders, the game that teaches you to be greedy.

Is greed your game? Perfect, this society trait is going to give you some nice bonuses. Basically you’re going to get extra mana, food, production, knowledge, and draft just by having some magic material in an annexed province.   

Talented Collector is good because: 

  • It gives you a good start: automatically gifts you a nearby magic material province, so you’re going to get a bonus no matter what. 
  • It scales: As you annex more provinces, you can claim magic material for a bonus. 
  • Can make up for weaknesses: Some builds have a ton of mana and no gold, this can help offset the cost. 

Talented Collector Breakdown: 


  • Cities gain +5  Gold,  Mana, Knowledge,  Food,  Production, and Draft for each Magic Material in their Domain.

Starting Bonus:

  • Start with a Magic Material nearby.


11. Scions of Evil

Just evil eldritch beings, doing evil eldritch being stuff. 

The most evil of boys. If you like making bad choices on the world map this is a great pick. Make sure to pick the evil option as much as possible for the most benefits. 

Scions of Evil is good because: 

  • It boosts your draft: +10 draft is no joke, and you get it just for being evil. 
  • It boosts your imperium: Nice little imperium bonus for doing what evil guys do best. 
  • Good mix of bonuses: Shock and Shield units get a nice little tier boost, so you can be blasting and protecting all over. 

Scions of Evil Breakdown: 


  • Cities gain +10 
  • Draft and your empire gains +5  Imperium per level of Evil Alignment.-10  Alignment Units are recruited with +1 Rank when you are at the maximum evil Alignment.
  • Racial Shock Units and Shield Units have +1 Rank.

Starting Bonus:

  • Start with an extra Shock Unit or Shield Unit.


10. Wonder Architects

Oh my goodness, an Ancient wonder, in an age of wonders.

Oh yes, using the namesake to your advantage. Ancient wonders are a great tool for high tier units and buffs. Plus a free cleared one at the beginning of the game!

Wonder Architects is good because: 

  • It scales: You’ll find ancient wonders throughout the game, and they only get tougher. 
  • You start with one: This won't be useless no matter where you are. You get one at the very beginning. 
  • Great production bonus: +20% production is pretty nuts. 

Wonder Architects Breakdown: 


  • Ancient Wonders do not require Population in order to be annexed to a City. Cities gain +20%  Production per annexed Ancient Wonders.

Starting Bonus:

  • 1 nearby ancient wonders cleared.


9. Ritual Cannibals

This boy needs some water.

Well this one is close to the darkest on this list. Eating your friends and enemies, getting bonuses. The whole edgelord package with this one.

Ritual Cannibals is good because: 

  • “Corpse Eating”: A great ability that heals your remaining troops by feeding on your dead allies, or enemies. 
  • Mana bonus: Dying is now rewarded with a mana income to the closest city.
  • Food bonus: We all know where it comes from, and it's gross. But hey food bonus for your population. 

Ritual Cannibals Breakdown: 


  • Units gain the Corpse Eating ability.
  • -10  Alignment
  • The nearest City owned gains +3  Mana and +3  Food per tier of non-Magic Origin units killed or lost after successful combat.


8. Chosen Uniters

I’d elect a frog and a cat for government.

This one would be higher on the list if it wasn’t so reliant on vassals. Some games people don’t even allow vassals. But still a great pick with those stipulations. 

Chosen Uniters is good because: 

  • Vassal bonuses: +20% income from vassals? Sign me up right now. 
  • More vassals: An extra whispering stone. Then an extra from the general tree, and a third from the order tree!
  • Better polearm and shield units: Sweet little level jump for those guys. 

Chosen Uniters Breakdown: 


  • Gain +30% income from Vassals.+10  Alignment Racial Shield Units and Polearm Units have +1 Rank.Gain +1 Whispering Stone.

Starting Bonus:

  • Start with an extra Shield Unit or Polearm Unit.


7. Hermit Kingdom

Oh yeah, evil wizard queen. 

Again similar to uniters, if it didn’t have a stipulation it would be higher. Punishing you for touching other kingdoms can be a problem on a normal map with vassals. It forces you to play aggressively and stupidly at times 

Hermit Kingdom is good because: 

  • Benefit from not spawning around others: This means that as long as you’re alone you’re raking in bonuses. 
  • City stability bonus: You’ll be very stable as long as no players come up and put a fat outpost on your border. 
  • Great knowledge bonus: Knowledge is very hard to obtain, so any bonus is great. 

Hermit Kingdom Breakdown: 


  • Cities gain +15% Knowledge, +15%  Food, +15%  Production, and +20  City Stability income when their Domain does not border the Domain of any other City or Outpost. Grievances inflicted by other empires encroaching on your territory are increased by +100%.

Starting Bonus:

  • 100 Imperium


6. Powerful Evokers

Goldilocks just got a glow up. 

Oh ya, it’s evoking time. This is great if you’re going for a full magic build like mystic. 

Powerful Evokers is great because: 

  • Earn extra rank for casters: You want casters leveling up fast because they’re much squishier in the early game. 
  • Rewards you for casters: Getting extra combat casting points is great for combat. 
  • Extra support or caster unit: Nice little boost to your weak squishy army at the beginning.  

Powerful Evokers Breakdown: 


  • Racial Battle Mage Units and Support Units have +1 Rank.Battle Mage Units and Support Units provide +5  Combat Casting Points at the start of combat.

Starting Bonus:

  • Start with an extra Battle Mage Unit or Support Unit.


5. Mana Channelers

This next DLC is gonna be terrifying. 

Mana Channelers. Despite the lame name, this is really a summoner pick. If you wanna have a bunch of magic origin units, this is a top pick. 

Mana Channelers is great because: 

  • Less mana upkeep: yes please, we want to cast spells. Not feed mana to rock elementals. 
  • Higher rank: Especially powerful origin units level up quickly. 
  • Start with magic origin unit: Gaining the benefits from the very beginning. 

Mana Channelers Breakdown: 


  • Summoning Spells cost -50%  Mana to cast.Summoned Magic Origin units have +1 Rank.

Starting Bonus:

  • Start with an extra Magic Origin unit.


4. Adept Settlers

Beautiful city, hope it doesn’t get razed to the ground. 

Adept Settlers is a classic pick. Really all around useful for any player's toolkit. Pro tip, build lots of cities. 

   Adept settlers is great because: 

  • Less imperium cost: Imperium is a finite resource, being able to save that is a must. 
  • Population bonus: Population means annex, annex means more money, more money means bigger military. 
  • Expanded governance: Adding an extra to the city cap is just nice. 

Adept Settlers Breakdown: 


  • Founding cities costs -25% less  Imperium.Newly founded cities gain +1  Population.

Starting Bonus:

  • expanded governance


3. Prolific Swarmers

Only chads storm the gates.

Oh the newbies handbook here. Prolific swarmers and tome of the horde is an easy start for any rookieor veteran. This was one of my first ever society trait picks. 

Prolific Swarmers is great because: 

  • Increased units: You’ll have a lot more guys swinging swords. 
  • Bonus to basic units: Basic units are cheap, making them stronger means more fun for you. 
  • Fast Growing Kingdom: Your people are going to be adding to the population quickly, which means more annexing. 

Prolific Swarmers Breakdown: 


  • Cities require -10%  Food for gaining a new Population. Racial Tier I units have +1 Rank.Non-Magic Origin units require -20% Unit Upkeep.

Starting Bonus:

  • Start with an extra Tier I unit.


2. Runesmiths

Okay but that guy on the horse has maximum aura. 

Runesmiths is such a goodpick for any player. You’re going to inevitably enchant your units. So making that cheaper benefits you forever. 

Runesmiths is great because: 

  • Less unit enchantment upkeep: The obvious perk is more enchanted units. 
  • Learn unit enchantment quicker: 30% less knowledge is pretty wild. 
  • Start with an extra polearm  or shield unit: More polearms, or shields. Will go nicely with those defensive enchantments. 

Runesmith Breakdown: 


  • Unit Enchantment Research cost -30%  Knowledge to unlock. Unit Enchantments cost -30% upkeep.Racial Shield Units and Polearm Units have +1 Rank.

Starting Bonus:

  • Start with an extra Shield Unit or Polearm Unit.


Fabled Hunters

Me and the boys about to hunt down a Derelict Workshop. 

Oh yes, Fabled hunters. Constant bonuses because of the necessity to fight in this game. Pick this one 90% of the time. 

Fabled Hunters is the best because: 

  • Gain extra resources for infestations: Infestations are always going to spawn on you. So you can start by farming. 
  • Extra resources for ancient wonders: You’re already getting crazy bonuses and items from ancient wonders, why not more. 
  • Ranger benefits: Having your little bow guys be a little stronger, is going to be great for most any build. 


Fabled Hunters Breakdown: 


  • Gain +75% resources from clearing an Infestation, Ancient Wonder, or Resource Node.Racial Ranged Units and Skirmisher Units have +1 Rank.

Starting Bonus:

  • Start with an extra Ranged Unit.

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