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Mileena Cosplays
Mileena just wants a kiss... and the kingdom.

11- Valeriya DarkElf

Valeriya DarkElf cosplay Mileena

Valeriya DarkElf cosplay mileena

Cosplay by Valeriya DarlkElf Cosplay 

Mileena serves Shao Khan earnestly, but has always felt she was destined for greater things. Edenia will be hers, eventually.

10- Yuriko Akiyama

Yuriko Akiyama Mileena

Mileena cosplay Yuriko Akiyama

Cosplay by Yuriko Akiyama 

Let Mileena give you a hand, and you’ll probably pull back a nub. Does Yuriko look trustworthy in this cosplay? We’ll chance it!

9- Rosanna Rocha

Rosanna Rocha mileena cosplay

Mileena cosplay rosanna rocha

Cosplay by Rosanna Rocha

Mileena only has one constant: a deep hatred for her twin sister Kitana.

8- Nephilim Cosplay

Nephilim cosplay Mileena MK

Mortal Kombat Nephilim cosplay

Cosplay by Nephilim

Shang Tsung created an ambitious but evil creature when he spliced Edenian and Tarkatan DNA to make Mileena in the Flesh Pits. But look how far she’s come now.

7- Rose-Maiden Cosplay

Rose Maiden Mileena cosplay

Mortal Kombat cosplay Rose Maiden

Cosplay by Rose-Maiden Cosplay  Photo credit: Jason Laboy

When she ties the hair up you know that means you’re about to get the business. She will not rest until Kitana is either captured or dead!

6- Ayun Celebelen

Ayun Celebelen Mileena

Mileena cosplay Ayun Celebelen

Cosplay by Ayun Celebelen 

Brazil is lucky to have to have this sexy but terrifying Mileena cosplayer. Don’t let the delicate makeup fool you, she’s looking for a face to chew off with those fangs.

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