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Mileena Cosplays
Mileena just wants a kiss... and the kingdom.

15- Zyunka Mukhina Cosplay

Zyunka Mukhina cosplay Mileena

zyunka Mukhina Mileena

Cosplay by Zyunka Mukhina 

Mileena’s hatred for Kitana and desire to replace her has motivated her to survive multiple tournaments and scheme for power.

14- Lyonegra Costuming

Lyonegra cosplay Mileena

Lyonegra cosplay mileena mortal kombat

Cosplay by Lyonegra

This blood spatter lets you know this tournament is not a game. Lyonegra takes no prisoners.

13- Jakuri-Nu Cosplay

Jakuri-Nu cosplay Mileena

Jakuri-Nu cosplay mortal kombat

Cosplay by Jakuri-Nu

OG Mileena FTW! We had to wait all the way to the end of the game to see what was under the mask. Jakuri-Nu wins all the throwback points today.

12- Viva Valentina Cosplay

Viva Valentina cosplay mortal kombat mileena

Mileena cosplay viva valentina

Cosplay by Viva Valentina 

You are mistaken if you think  Mortal Kombat Trilogy Mileena is not ready for you. Viva Valentina gets bonus points for the stiletto heels on those boots, too!

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