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Most Expensive Magic Cards
The legendary, mortgage-paying power nine.

11. Mox Pearl (Alpha)

This Mox Pearl is crimped at the top due to an error at the press. While it can't be played in a tournament as it's marked, it commands a premiums from collectors of misprints and oddities.

The white moxen is usually used in one of three scenarios. Mono-white weenies, wherein it is a huge accelerant that can double the power of your first turns. In green-white where your goal is to disrupt your opponent’s strategy. Or it is simply used to make one more mana at no cost.

Many decks play an off-color white mox for a bump in power. If you are playing a blue-black deck, consider how advantageous it would be to go from having two moxen to five. Then add a Black Lotus, Sol Ring, and Grim Monolith and you’re looking at 8 incredible accelerants in a 60 card deck. Going all in on a strategy like that could start with a $3,600 NM Mox Pearl from Alpha.

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CMClassy's picture

CMClassy 2 years 4 months ago

Cardboard being worth thousands of dollars will never cease to amaze me. As much as WOTC would love to do away with the Reserved list, the people obsessed with collecting and maintaining value are causing trouble in that front. Legacy and Vintage are forever inaccessible because of it.

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