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Best LOL Champions for Kills
Winning is fun, but getting kills in League is more fun

6. Azir

Azir hits hard from range

The Emperor of the Sands knows how to rule Summoner’s Rift with his army of sand soldiers. With a couple soldiers under his lead, Azir can make them charge the enemy with Conquering Sands, dealing massive damage and slowing enemies for his soldiers to spear.

Use Conquering Sands and Shifting Sands to play safe and reposition when necessary. If you’re feeling a little gusty and comfortable with his kit, use Conquering and Shifting Sands to get in close and then push the enemy towards your team or a tower with Emperor’s Divide once he gets level six. If he builds a Nashor’s Tooth and a Rylai’s Crystalline Scepter, the enemy will bow down to the Emperor and his ability to wipe out multiple champions.

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