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Doublelift, Streaming, eSports, League of Legends, Team SoloMid, TSM
The answer may surprise you Doublelift has a lot of experience unde... read more
Ryzen 7, Evil Geniuses
Esports team Evil Geniuses and AMD pair up for giveaway The elite a... read more
DDR4, RAM, League of Legends, Team SoloMid, TSM, HyperX, Fury
TSM and HyperX are holding another giveaway. Team SoloMid has partn... read more
Sponsor, League of Legends, SKT T1, SK Telecom, Razer, Twitch, HyperX, TSM, Team SoloMid, KT Rolster, Team WE, World Elite, Flash Wolves
Twitch and HyperX unsurprisingly sponsoring multiple teams? The top... read more
Hauntzer, League of Legends, Maokai
Or is he? Team SoloMid’s Hauntzer recently tweeted about Maokai’s c... read more
league of legends, patch 7.17, pbe, overview
There are a lot of… interesting changes on the PBE. The PBE has alw... read more
Sheever, The International, TI7
Dutch native Jorien van der Heijden, known better as Sheever to her fa... read more
Daisy Ridley’s role as Rey in the upcoming holiday film Star Wars: The... read more
Star Trek has been a hugely successful franchise over the years. Last... read more
Team Liquid 2017, TI7
The current edition of The International is seeing non-western teams –... read more
Gabe Newell, Valve
Fans at TI7 are at a loss. The co-founder and president of Valve has n... read more
Arteezy, TI7
Arteezy has reached 10010 MMR In the Dota two Matchmaking leaderboards... read more
LGD Forever Young, LFY, The International Dota 2
Chinese hopefuls LGD Forever Young (which I’ll abbreviate as LFY) are... read more
LGD Gaming, The International 2017
It really seems that the Western teams are taking a mighty beating thi... read more
Valve Corporation, the creators of such acclaimed titles as Half-Life,... read more
The Iternational Dota 2 Championships
It’s safe to say that since The International’s inaugural year, 2011,... read more
Marvel vs Capcom is a franchise that is almost 20 years old (more if y... read more
The International 2017 Dota 2 Championsips
Once a year, for a few days in August, between sixteen and eighteen te... read more
Twitch, partnership, partner, legal, exclusivity, streaming, Youtube
What exactly is Twitch doing with that hammer? Twitch’s partnership... read more
League of Legends, Esports, NA LCS, TeamSoloMid, Immortals
Which team will take the finals? There have been few surprises duri... read more
League of Legends, eSports, Damage Rating
Even through all of the events they put out, Riot just keeps on giving... read more
League of Legends, Ornn, New Champion, Reveal, Competitive, eSports
What can Ornn do in the right hands? Riot recently teased the new L... read more
EU LCS, Schalke04, Giants, League of Legends, eSports, Spring Promotion
But which teams will make it to the EU LCS? League of Legends team... read more
William Chyr is a Chicago based artist with a degree in Physics and Ec... read more
Arrow Heads is a  “Zany battle royale archery game” featuring 2 -... read more
Originally named Andromeda, Necrocosmos was given its new name when th... read more
There hasn’t been an outbreak of the Critters since Critters 4 premier... read more
Team Liquid, Player unknown Battlegrounds, E-sports, Gamescon
Team Liquid announced that they will be throwing their hat into the PU... read more
overwatch, retire, League
There are only twelve spots in the upcoming Overwatch league, and seve... read more
overwatch, apex season 4, geguri, zayra, Rox Orcas,
Being a pro gamer and being a female isn’t easy. The few times that... read more
The LCK has issued a 'Caution' to SKTT1 for behavior that happened mon... read more
Teamwork at the arcade French indie producer Wako Factory will laun... read more
 FIFA Interactive Club World Cup
The gaming world's biggest draw The FIFA Interactive Club World Cup... read more
Pyre game
Mac users can now experience the vibrant character driven story of Pyr... read more
An entirely new system of ‘Battle Points’ will allow players of S... read more
Mass Effect Andromeda
Flagship series rudderless after Bioware merger announced Well the... read more
A rewarding new economy Middle Earth: Shadow of War’s in-game miria... read more
Elite Dangerous update en route
Ready up Commanders, we are not alone! Hot on the heels of numerous... read more
Survival Horror, horror games 2017, Friday the 13th
For those unfamiliar with the original cinematic Friday the 13th franc... read more