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This past weekend brought a lot of content to wade through, and while... read more
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The third annual PC Gaming Show kicks off on Monday live from the E3 s... read more
Far Cry 5, Release Date, Story, Gameplay, Trailers, Review, Ubisoft
When is the proposed release date for Far Cry 5? Ubisoft revealed d... read more
The Lizardmen control many mighty beasts
Warhammer II Is Set to Expand the Fantasy Universe’s Monstrous Menager... read more
Lords and heroes can turn the tide of any battle.
There are Still Many Heroes and Villains Who Have yet to Take to the F... read more
What secrets lie in the jungles of Lustria?
The World of Total War Warhammer is About to Get More Crowded Total... read more
Blade Runner 2049 Harrison Ford Ryan Gosling October 2017 Movie Ridley Scott
Returning to L.A. and Its Dystopian Future It's been nearly 35 year... read more
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Valve is slowly but surely paving the way for its upcoming Steam Direc... read more
Minecraft; Update; Windows 10; mobile
The latest Minecraft has finally been released for Windows 10 and mobi... read more
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The eSports Market is predicted to be worth around $1 Billion by 2019... read more
Steam has kept Valve from making new content, among other changes I... read more
A spotlight on the most powerful heroes and villains of the Old World.
The World of Total War Warhammer is Led by Heroes of Legend, and Here’... read more
We take a look at the most horrific creatures and beings in the horror games of 2016
2016 was a Great Year for Horror Game Fans 2016 saw a number of ama... read more
No naval battles coming for Total War Warhammer 2
Despite a vast ocean at the center of its expanded map, Creative Assem... read more
We take a look at the complaints levelled at the newest game in the hit RTS series
The Reviews are in for Dawn of War 3, and the News Isn’t Good Warha... read more
Heroes and villains will clash, and new characters will enter the fray.
Injustice 2 Promises to be Just as Big as Its Predecessor Since its... read more
Hear ye, hear ye, will Darkest Dungeon be declared to sucketh by the gamers of the land?
Can the Difficulty of a Game Ruin the Experience? Darkest Dungeon s... read more
Sports games make up only a small percentage of steam games, and we take a look at the reasons why
Sports Games Don’t Seem to Appeal to PC Gamers Whenever a commercia... read more
NieR Automata puts players in the middle of a science fiction war between Androids and Robots
Nier Automata Encourages Players to Replay Game NieR Automata is an... read more
Warhammer 2 will bring players to new lands, and present new dangers as well.
The World of Warhammer Total War is About to Get Much Bigger Since... read more
The Crimson Court promises a lot of new content, including a whole new area of the Estate to explore.
Despite Criticisms, Will The Crimson Court Prove a Success? Wheneve... read more
Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is quickly becoming the most anticipated game of 2017
The Release of Mount and Blade 2 Appears to be Just Over the Horizon... read more
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Gamers are growing up With the average gamer being 35 and with that... read more
15 game titles that dies during development, Van Buren, Dungeon Keeper 3, Starcraft Ghost
Some of the Best Games Out There Aren’t Really Out There Many epic... read more
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An enormous audience eSports popularity is rising fast, and with it... read more
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Easy to get into It’s not hard to figure out why shooters have domi... read more
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If it looks good, it must be good, right? With Steam refunds hittin... read more
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From small beginnings to billions When we all played Prince of Pers... read more
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Even split What the public may not realize, is that in today’s gami... read more
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Professional gaming reaching its peak From Starcraft to Dota 2, eSp... read more
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Out with the old, in with the new? Lets face it: older games set th... read more
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The most popular form of entertainment is now video games According... read more
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The most modern social activity With the emergence of free-to-play... read more
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The Social Justice Warriors are back at it again Whether it’s remov... read more
It wasn't easy being green... Valve has announced earlier this year... read more
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The unheard video game giant When we talk about huge gaming compani... read more
Crowdfunded titles 2016, successful games 2016, 5 crowdfunded titles that made it big
The future of game development There’s a ton of AAA titles out ther... read more
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The newest edition Because consoles provide a more standardized gam... read more
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Two ways to play Whether you like to play laying on a couch holding... read more