Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012)

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The terrorists are about to unleash chaos and it's up to the world's elite counter-terrorist forces to stop them.

The newest-iteration of the world's most popular competitive multiplayer FPS, CS: Global Offensive lets players play as either terrorists or counter-terrorists in a high-stakes battle for supremacy and skill as they try to plant the bomb - or defuse it. With new weapons and equipments, like incendiary grenades and molotov cocktails, players must use both skills and teamwork to bring down the enemy team.

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EarlySummeR's picture

EarlySummeR 11 months 1 week ago

Good game, hate cheater and idiot who think someone play good using cheat

dennis3307's picture

dennis3307 2 years 3 months ago

CSGO is an absolute awesome game that should be in the game library of all who love coop fps. The only complaint I have is the community isn't very friendly to those new to the game.

mirg's picture

mirg 2 years 6 months ago

Counter Strike Global Offensive or CSGO is an online tactical person-shooter developed by Hidden Path and Valve Corporation.It currently has 5 modes(Classic Casual/Competitive;Demolition;Arms Race,Deathmatch;Hostage Scenario)and allows offline playing,the core of CSGO is it's competive strenght.Today,CSGO is one of the most profitable eSports ,with variety of lans during the whole year ( Katowice,Party,etc),and it shall be popular during the next couple of years.New players (especially ones moving to CS from CoD/Battlefield) may have a problem adjusting themselves in CSGO,mainly because of it's recoil system,and completely different game mechanics.Nevertheless,anyone who likes FPS game should definitely try out CSGO.

Simonas777's picture

Simonas777 2 years 7 months ago

Well this latest version is a complete game changer. Even though it still has the same team play feeling, the guns feel alot more realistic than in Counter-strik 1.6 or source. The classic maps such as de_dust 2 of de_inferno still fit perfectly for the latest Counter-Strike version. Playing the claasic maps feels like you're playing 1.6, but the way you control your character gives you the feeling that you play a whole new game, just with another title.

hania's picture

hania 2 years 7 months ago

this is one of the best games so far. It has evolved to become a competitive sport with a global audience and a million dollars of sponsors. It is a masterpiece. It is well balanced. The maps have a strategic feel to them. The modes of this game are amazing. Overall, it's probably the last first-person team death-match game you'll ever get addicted to. So, CS:GO is definitely a great game, and if you fancy a fast, yet exciting gameplay, you definitely want to buy it. Its worth it.

R_Barcelona's picture

R_Barcelona 2 years 7 months ago

Definitely an old school favorite. CS GO was a much needed and long awaited leap into an updated version of the Counter-Strike series. It ultimately combines the delightful entertainment of the old and visual enhancements of the new. CS GO is, without a doubt, a favorite among PC gamers and definitely proves to show longevity in this favoritism. Let’s face it… how often do you find a game that for some unknown reason has you coming back after inactivity of gameplay.

akhil994's picture

akhil994 2 years 8 months ago

A far cry from the legendary Counter Strike 1.6 and Source versions, CS:GO makes the much needed improvements that the franchise needed to recapture the imagination of the audience once again. An audience that had been wooed by the CoD , Battlefield , and to a certain extent Halo franchises. The physics have improved along with the weapons. The matchmaking system is something that brings about better balancing creating more even match ups as well. It once again regains its place among the best multiplayer FPS games and rightly so.

geryboti's picture

geryboti 2 years 8 months ago

After the dominance of the CoD and Battlefield franchises, Counter-Strike GO was a refreshing step back to the old school competitive shooter. The skill-based shooting and reliance on buying strategy, combined with the generally working match-making system and weapon balancing makes this the #1 option in FPS tournaments.

lightingft's picture

lightingft 2 years 8 months ago

Global Offensive, the follow-up to Source, is a true successor. Mechanics have been improved, the visuals are great, and most issues that the previous game had have been fixed. Global Offensive brings a new meaning to competitive Counter-Strike, as it’s extended with a matchmaking system.

betatester's picture

betatester 2 years 8 months ago

CS:GO can be thought of as Counter Strike Source 2.0. The game features some much needed updates in terms of graphics and design. All of the physics and movements have been updated. Hardcore players will appreciate the updated avatars (and the ability to distinguish between friend and foe). If you have never played Counter Strike, CS:GO is a definitely the game to buy.

Marcos's picture

Marcos 2 years 8 months ago

In short, CS: GO is a great game, whether you choose to play casual or ranked, it's up to you , but the best part of this game is, without question, it's competitive version. Sure, you'll find people who can't really play properly, trolls and and all sorts of others stuff, but, improving your skills, learning spray patterns, team strategy's, winning a very close match proves to be a very high rewarding gaming experience and one that everyone should play.

NarcisG's picture

NarcisG 2 years 8 months ago

Global Offensive is a modern revamp of the old Counter Stroke 1.6 and Source games. The enhanced graphics and increasing eSports demand has allowed it to claim its throne among the most played games in the scene. The game provides a competitive environment which promotes good gameplay and learning. Global Offensive is also most acclaimed for the possiblity of single-handedly carrying your team to victory. If you become good at this game, there are very few people who can stop your ascension.

eXemplify's picture

eXemplify 2 years 8 months ago

The world's most popular FPS gets a completely new look! Global Offensive brings the same nostalgia, taking gamers back to their days on some of the greatest maps in multiplayer FPS. Dust 2 makes it's return, along with Mirage and Inferno. The game retains its core, with most of the gameplay remaining fairly unchanged. Bringing in engine changes from Counter Strike : Source, and recoil changes from Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike : Global Offensive seems to have cemented the CS series.

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