Pokemon Go Anniversary Event Lacking In Player Benefits Compared To Previous Events

Hard to believe a year has already passed.

Have you caught the new Pikachu?

One year has passed since Niantic released Pokemon Go July 6, 2016. To celebrate, Niantic kicked off their first Pokemon Go Anniversary Event on July 6, which will last until July 24.

During the past 14 events Niantic introduced bonuses such as experience and item increases, Pokemon spawns, shop sales, and more. This time, however, players can look forward to two new Pikachu and a special anniversary box.

The latest Anniversary updates installed a rare shiny Pikachu and an adorable Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum’s famous hat from the T.V. series.

Until the end of the event Ash hat Pikachu will be spawning all over the world and hatching out of 2-kilometer eggs. The Ash hat Pichu and Pikachu keep their hats through evolution just like the Christmas and Party hat Pikachu from previous events.

Niantic switched things up this time by introducing one Anniversary box that players may exchange for 1,200 coins.

What’s inside:

  • 20 Ultraballs
  • 6 Incubators
  • 6 Max Revives
  • 2 Premium Raid Passes

Excluding the Ultraballs, this package would cost 980 coins less than purchasing each of these items individually. It would take about a month for players to gather the amount of coins for this box if they started with zero coins. Most players would have to invest the $9.99 in coins to get the box, but it would be a better investment than getting the items separately.

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