Niantic Added New Shiny And Ash Hat Pikachus To Pokemon Go

More for the collection!

Another chance to work towards the Pikachu Fan badge has arised with the Pokemon Go Anniversary event that started June 6. Until June 24, players will find Pikachu spawning all over the world wearing the famous hat of Ash Ketchum!

The first collectable Christmas hat Pikachu appeared at the end of 2016. Soon after Niantic added in Pichu and Party hat Pikachu to the collection. Ash hat Pichu keeps its hat throughout all its evolutions.

2-kilometer eggs gathered during the Anniversary event will have a chance to hatch an Ash hat Pichu. The pokemon inside your egg is decided when you loot it, so eggs gathered during the event may still hatch into Ash hat Pichu after the event ends.

Shiny pokemon are only different from regular pokemon in color and rarity. Even though they are much more difficult to find, their individual stats, moves, and combat power are the same as regular pokemon.

The newest shiny shares the same color scheme as shiny Pikachu in previous games. So far only YouTube user FsuAti has claimed to have seen the shiny Pikachu in Pokemon Go. Players will not be able to hatch shiny pokemon, making this one of the rarest and most prized Pikachu to collect.

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