BlizzCon Sold Out But Virtual Tickets And Overwatch Playoffs Are Still Available

Epic World of Warcraft Cosplayers.

Blizzard will be hosting their 11th convention in Anaheim, California this November. On July 5th, the third and final batch of BlizzCon tickets sold out. Fans of the entertainment company still have a chance to experience the event remotely.

In 2009 Blizzard sought to ease ticket frustration by televising the event through DirecTV. The following year they decided to broadcast BlizzCon through their own Virtual Tickets, allowing players to watch the convention from their computers at home.

BlizzCon will be streamed throughout the day, plus viewers will be able to revisit content and contests they may have missed. Virtual Ticket buyers will also have the option to pick up a special box of collectable goodies. Blizzard has yet to announce what will be inside, but they usually announce it at the same time that the Virtual Tickets go on sale.

The Overwatch World Cup 2017 is in its third phase with 32 nations facing off on 4 continents. The first and second competitions will be happening this month in China and Australia. Next month the third and fourth competitions will take place in Poland and the United States.

Phase 3 finalists from each continent will compete for the championship live at BlizzCon. Those who purchase Virtual Tickets will be able to watch the phase 4 final playoffs.

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