Blizzard's New Metal Knight In Darkmoon Faire Contains Fatal Glitch For World Of Warcraft Players

Come one, come all!

With the 7.2.5 Legion patch update Blizzard introduced quite a few fun features to the game. Darkmoon Faire got its own spotlight in the patch notes as Blizzard brought the new band, Blight Boar, to center stage.

Before the patch players may have already been familiar with the metal band, Elite Tauren Chieftains performing their songs on the Darkmoon Faire stage. Typing /Cheer during a concert would reward an achievement and a 10 minute buff.

Blight Boar concerts are a lot more interactive that ETC’s as players can now participate as the band’s assistants in vocals, bass, drums, and guitar. Put on a perfect performance as the band members and participate in a stage dive for a quick achievement.
During the performance, players must protect the band from spawning Ghouls. An elite and rare Death Metal Knight will spawn and players will have to defeat him to prevent him from killing the band. He is an extremely heavy hitter and runs quickly and violently all around Darkmoon faire grounds.

Many players have been able to kill the NPC and loot his body for fun rewards and sellable trash. Unfortunately, most players have been encountering a common glitch that turns Death Metal Knight undefeatable, freezing his hit points.

This glitch is started by interrupting the long cast Death Metal Knight uses while he is still inside of the fence where he spawns. Instead of interrupting, players can either take the damage or periodically run away from it so that the NPC remains defeatable.

Death Metal Knight has full island range, so it would take all players leaving combat to reset him.

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