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Power changes everything
Power changes everything

7. Companion App Trailer

Now you can wage war in the privacy of your toilet!

With the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare companion app, players can use their mobile devices to create and oversee their Clan, and edit in-game emblems. Friends can also compete against other Clans in Call of Duty Clan Wars, which rewards in-game gear and other items for every victory.

8. Advanced Arsenal Pre-Order Bonus Trailer

This is where we leave science fiction and enter the realm of science reality.

This Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer discusses some of the futuristic military technology that is featured in the game, and get this – the developers didn’t just come up with all this stuff by themselves. The team spent over two years researching upcoming military technologies, and the result of their efforts can be found in the game. The high-tech weapon, M1 Quantum, and the awesome Exo suit both comprise the Advanced Arsenal pre-order bonus.

9. Season Pass Trailer

The season pass trailer exhibits the game’s four DLC packs – including Havoc, Ascendance, Supremacy, and Reckoning – at a discounted price.

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