The 5 Strongest WoW Races in Legion That Will Give You An Upper Hand in PvP

Human mage, Jaina, and Orc shaman, Thrall.

Which WoW Race is Superior?

Human, Gnome, and Pandaren heroes sharing ales and tales.

Each race has its own unique lore and abilities. Race superiority accounts for racial abilities and poll. They also consider the number of average or better geared level 110s.

5. Troll

Troll restoration druid defending herself in Valshara.

5.9% of PVP players are Trolls. According to a recent poll, Trolls tie in last for Horde races.

Trolls gain 20% increased experience from slaying beasts. Their health regeneration rate is increased by 10%, and 10% of their total regeneration may occur in combat.

In addition, Trolls have a 20% decrease in all movement impairing effects. Their racial increases melee, ranged, and spell haste by 15%.

4. Night Elf

Night Elf priest raising arms in Teldrassil.

Night Elves consist of 15.6% of level 100 PVP players. Voters and forums both agree that Night Elves are among the superior races specifically for their shadowmeld ability that cloaks them invisible.

They have 2% increased dodge and speed. They also get 1% increased haste at night and critical strike by day.

When Night Elves die they turn into wisps that travel 75% faster.

3. Orc

Orc hunter firing arrows.

While only 8% of current 110s are Orcs, player input suggests that Orcs are more powerful than other races. This is due to their racial ability which increases attack and spell power for 15 seconds.

Orcs spend 20% less time in stun and deal 1% more pet damage. Pet friendly classes are highly encouraged, as these will do increased damage.

2. Human

Protection warrior showing off his transmog in Stormwind City.

Humans makeup 15.7% of 110s. They gain 1% increased secondary stats from all sources. This ability allows Humans to be exceptionally powerful in any class. Their racial ability instantly removes all stun effects.

The best benefit of Humans is the 10% increase to reputation gain, which is helpful while completing content in Legion.

1. Blood Elf

Blood Elf rogue in Orgrimmar.

Blood Elves consist of 20.81% of current 110s and come in second in the polls. They take 1% less arcane damage and have 1% increased critical strike.

Blood Elves are considered the best race due to their ability Arcane Torrent, which silences all enemies in 8 yards for 2 seconds, then restores resources (mana). Since Blood Elves perform best as casters, this ability saves them a lot of combat deaths.

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