27 Best Bullet Hell Games To Play in 2016 and Beyond

best bullet hell games
Some of best bullet hell games to conquer

Enter the Deadly World of Bullet Hell Games

Frustrating difficult and almost impossible to beat, yes I am talking about bullet-hell shooters. Cool powerups, extremely difficult levels, tough bosses and fun gameplay with good replay value makes this a pretty awesome genre. Here is a list of top 27 bullet hell shooters. Pick your poison and have some fun.

27. Sine Mora

Chaotic gameplay and a lot of explosions.

Sine Mora is a horizontal 2d bullet hell shooter with lots of 3d elements. The player controls a plane and tries to blast his way through a seemingly endless horde of enemies.

The huge bosses look even better in 3d

The level design has a great emphasis on 3d environments; the levels look cool and feel great. The player doesn’t have a health bar, instead a timer runs on screen. If the player kills an enemy extra seconds are awarded and if the player takes a hit some time is deducted from the timer. The game goes on until the timer reaches zero.

The bigger they are the harder they fall.

The game features a cool gameplay mechanic which lets you slow down time for a few moments. This eases down the difficulty but is not reliable. The game also features an interestingstoryline, a father plans to overthrow an evil empire which is responsible for the death of his son while another story blends in with the last survivors of the Enkie race also plotting revenge on the Empire for destroying them.The emphasis on a complex story is great considering the genre.

26. Raptor Call of the Shadows: 2015 Edition

The mask looks very intriguing and cool.

Raptor Call of the Shadows: 2015 Edition is a remaster of the original game which was released on the DOS in the year 1994. The game was a classic hit on its release in the DOS.

The old school graphics looks cool.

The game’s 2015 edition does not change much from the original DOS edition. The graphics remain old school with an HQ filterand the game runs at a higher resolution. You will have to go through 27 levels to finish the game and each level features a unique boss, it features four different difficulty levels, new opponents arrive with increasing difficulty levels. Your ship can be upgraded after fighting a wave of enemies.

A must play cult classic.

You will enjoy the action filled levels and fighting through tough opponents,the game is a classic hit and a must have for fans of the shoot ‘emup genre.

25. Revolution Ace

Best gameplay experience when playing co-op mode.

Revolution Ace is a vertical bullet hell shooter developed by Laser Guided Games. Your job is to save humanity by infiltrating the AI core of the machines and win the war against them. This game is available on PC and iOS.

The artstyle is unique and looks good.

The game features different weapon combinations including missiles, lasers, shields, plasma rifles, ion cannons; you can unlock upgrades by taking down the enemies, finishing the levels and gaining experience points. You have to fight enemies which are on both air and ground. The enemies start getting extremely tougher in the later 20+ levels. The boss battles are unique but not that difficult. The game also features realistic physics and local & online multiplayer with co-op and versus mode.

One of the many bosses.

This is a modern bullet hell shooter and is showing some great potential, also the game seems bug free and runs great. If you want a modern bullet hell shooter, you should definitely pick this up.

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