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best bullet hell games
Some of best bullet hell games to conquer

8. Steredenn

A chaotic roguelike shooter to kill your time.

Steredenn is a horizontal bullet hell shooter from indie developer Pixelnest Studio. It is an endless space shooter with vicious space pirates as your enemies.

Destroying huge pirate ships, just a regular day in space.

Steredenn features pixelizedgraphics, an endless barrage of enemies, tons of chaotic weapons and insane boss battles. The enemy placements and enemy types are generated randomly at the start of each level. This provides a lot of replay valuebecauseno level will ever be the same. The game is insanely difficult but fun and challenging at the same time.

The artwork and graphic style of this game cannot be simply ignored.

If you like pixelizedgraphics and never ending gameplay(totally new levels  aregenerated by the game as soon as you finish one), then this is a must play game for you.


The minimalistic approach to bullet hell shooters is quite intriguing

Luftrausers is a vertical bullet hell shooter from indie developer Vlambeer. You command your own battle ship, called the RAUSER and embark on a journey to become the most legendary Rauser pilot of all time.

The customization and mission screen of Luftrausers.

The game features minimalistic graphics with over 125 different combinations of weapons, propulsion systems, different types of stylish Rausers each with unique skills which can be unlocked while playing and over 100 daring missions with different enemy types such as fighter planes, battleships, submarines and more.

The chaotic gameplay and destruction.

The gameplay is similar to the arcade bullet hell shooters of the past with a unique touch on graphics.If you are fan of arcade shooters but are bored with regular shooters and want something with hundreds of fighter plane customizationoptions, pick this up.

6. The Bug Butcher

Killing bugs with guns is many times better than just squahing them.

The Bug Butcher is a vertical bullet hell shooter from indie developers Awfully Nice Studios. You play as Harry, a pest exterminator with great pest slaughtering skills. You have been employed by the scientists of planet Zoit to exterminate the pests in a facility.

Have no fear, the bug exterminator is here.

The game features cute graphics and action packed gameplay with platforming elements. Swarms of insects will try to devour you in every way possible. The insects aren’t your only problem though. The tough platforming will kill you faster than any insect if your reaction time is slow.Getting squashed between conveyer machines or jumping in a bottomless pit is much more shameful than being killed by an insect.

You also have to save the scientists from getting eaten by the insects.

The Bug Butcher rewards player’s quick reactions with power ups and medikits, the game also features local co-op, so get your friend on the couch and get ready to squash some bugs.

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