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best bullet hell games
Some of best bullet hell games to conquer

13. Jamestown: Legend of The Lost Colony

Fighting off aliens at colonial mars in 17th Century.

Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony is a vertical top down bullet hell shooter created by indie developer Final Form Games. The game is set in 17th century British colonial Mars. You must fight against the Spanish and the Martians for the domination of Mars.

The hand drawn graphics look extremely good.

Jamestown: Legend if The Lost Colony features hand drawn graphics and a unique artstyle, battles on air and on ground, and up to 4 player multiplayer co-op. There is epic orchestral music unique to each level and up to 20 different levels. The bosses of this game are huge enemy ships and large aliens that want to dominate Mars. There are a total of 4 ships which can be unlocked by progressing through the levels.

The bosses in this game are huge aliens with unique powers.

Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony looks great and plays great. The soundtrack is impressive and the story is decent. Begin your journey on your conquest for Mars.

12. Project Starship

The game has a CRT frame to re-capture the feeling of the arcades.

Project Starship is a vertical bullet hell shooter from indie developer Matteo Gonano. The concept of the game is simple, you have to defeat the mighty Cthulhu and save the world.

The cartoony graphics provide a comical effect.

The players will get to control any of the two main characters. The character selection is random though, so you don’t get to choose the character when starting the mission. Instead, it is done by the game itself. Featuring storms of bullets, andfun cartoony graphics you have to fight your way through defeating evil Gods and Demons alike.

The one eyed demon boss, one of the many demons you need to fight.

The game is completely random, no level will ever feel the same as the game generates different enemies, different enemy placements, random power ups and random bosses. This increases thereplayabilityof the game.

11. Star Saviors

Get ready to wipe off the alien scum from the Earth.

Star Saviors is a vertical bullet hell shooter from indie developer Sharpened game studios. Aliens have invaded Earth and you are the last hope of survival for mankind. Get ready to blast off and kill some aliens.

The bosses in this game are quite interesting.

Heavily inspired by hit classics like Raiden andIkaruga, the game features 18 adrenaline filled highly challenging levels, amazing soundtrack and a lot of bullets. Star Saviors also features some 3d gameplay, real life physics engine, weapon ballistics and explosive effects.

Teaming up with a friend increases your chances of finishing the game more easily.

If you have played cult classics like Ikaruga and Raiden and want something new, give this a shot.

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