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best bullet hell games
Some of best bullet hell games to conquer


A piece of nostalgia straight from your childhood.

SATAZIUS is a horizontal bullet hell shooter created by indie developer Astro Project. The year is 2051; pirates have held you captive on their planet,SATAZIUS and your mission is to destroy the pirates and escaping the planet.

Every old school gamer can recognize the bottom panel.

SATAZIUS is old school at its roots with great art design and old school graphics. The game featureschallenging level designswhich are fun to traverse into, over 13 different upgradable weaponslike homing missiles, lasers, protective shields and cool and massive bosseslike massive Space Pirate ships and aliens organisms.

The huge alien boss from the game.

Old school gamers willenjoythis game.Sataziusoffers both casual and veteran gameplay difficulty, with a variety of enemy types with both mechanical and organic lifeforms to destroy, a highly recommended game.

15. Syder Arcade

Shoot em up with 4 player local co-op!

Syder Arcade is a horizontal bullet hell shooter from indie game developer Studio Evil. You are a squad of 4 trying to defend a space colony from aliens.

The 3d models look really well detailed.

The game features old school gameplay with 3d graphics. Players can choose from 4 different characters each with aunique set of guns and anunique ship. The game also boasts multidirectional gameplay i.e. you can shoot in either of the two directions in the vertical plane.

The bosses in this game are huge.

With a 6 level campaign, 3 survival levels and awesome soundtrack inspired by the arcades, you will be hooked for some time. You can increase the fun factor by playing it along with your friends.

14. Jets'n'Guns Gold

The Title says it all.

Jets'n'Guns Gold is a horizontal bullet hell shooter from indie developer Rake in Grass. You need to fight though waves of enemies both on the air and on the ground using your faithful jet.

The aerial  combat is good and really fun.

Jets'n'Guns Gold boasts 43 insane levels and over 270 different types of enemies, 70 different types of customizable weapons with a lot of emphasis on upgrades and 12 different fighter planesto play. The game also features enhanced high resolution graphics and particle effects, so the destruction looks really goodeven on higher resolution screens.

The fishes are really calm, even during a boss fight.

Jets’n’Guns Gold is a good bullet hell shooter with awesome heavy metal soundtracks and a lot of enemies to destroy, which really gets your adrenaline flowing.

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