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Some of best bullet hell games to conquer

3. The Hurricane of the Varstray -Collateral hazard

The Hurricane of the Varstray -Collateral hazard is a vertical bullet hell shooter from indie developer Studio Siesta. This game is set on a distant universe, and you play as one of the four girls on a mission to defend Earth from the invasion of mystical mechanical creatures.

How can anyone dodge so many bullets?

The Hurricane of the Varstray -Collateral hazard features 4 different playable characters each with a unique set of skills and abilities. Arcade, Story and Score attack modes are available to the player. All the characters are voice acted by professionals. Tough enemies andhuge bosses that shoot thousands of bullets make the game challenging and fun.

The different gameplay modes in the game.

The game is similar to popular bullet hell shooters Raiden and Ikaruga. If you liked them then you will love to play this one.

2. Raiden IV: Overkill

Remastered cult classic with various new gameplay modes.

Raiden IV: Overkill is a vertical bullet hell shooter from developers Moss Co. The aliens have returned , more powerful than ever. The government releases two ships Raidenmk-II and Raidenmk-II beta to fight against the aliens and stop the invasion of Earth.  The Raiden games are famous for its extremely hard difficulty levels and tight gameplay mechanics. Claim the title of Master Ace in this revamped version of the original.

Ah! Good ole games of the past, but with redefined graphics.

RaidenIV: Overkill brings back all the good features from the old Raiden games like powered weapons, epic boss battles, awesome sound effects, cool soundtracks and punishing gameplay mechanics.

The new features added are 60 fps gameplay, better hi-res graphics and cool new gameplay modes like the Overkill modewhich features brand new missions, weapons and a new scoring system. Other different gameplay modes like score attack mode, arcade mode are available to the player from the start and a new hidden mode can be unlocked later during gameplay.

The weapons looks like a bendable lightsaber.

The game features same classic breathtaking gameplay while adding 3d elements, so if you are new to the genre and want to try a classic hit, Raiden IV: Overkill is for you.

1. Ikaruga

One of the best shoot em ups out there with a lot of fun content

Ikaruga is a vertical bullet hell shooter from Japanese developers Treasure. The main aim of this game is simple, shoot the enemies, dodge all the bullets and build up a chain to boost your scores.

The polarity system of Ikaruga.

Ikaruga features a number of enemy types who fire two types of bullets at you, red and blue which you can choose to dodge or absorb with your ship by changing your ships polarity. The bullets with the same polarity as your ship will not hit you, but the bullets with different polarity will hit and damage the ship.The game also features local co-op, two gameplay modes Arcade and Prototype.

In Arcade mode you have to go through various challenging levels and defeat the final boss to complete and finish the game.

In prototype mode your ammo is limited but you can restock your ammo by defeating the enemies.

There is also a world leaderboard to compare your score to the players worldwide.

The game also supports a vertical screen setup.

Ikaruga may not have the best story but the soundtracks and gameplay is the more than satisfying and is pure pleasure. If you are a fan of the bullet hell genre and haven’t yet played the game, then just go and pick it up, you won’t regret it.

These are some of the best bullet hell shooter games you must play if you are a fan of this genre.

If you have some games to add to this list mention them in the comments section below!

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