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Some of best bullet hell games to conquer

5. Mushihimesama

The artwork and artsy graphical approcah looks good.

Mushihimesama is a vertical bullet hell shooter from developers CAVE Interactive. You play as Mushihimesama, the bug princess, in a quest to meet the god of insects, Koju, to cure the village from a mysterious sickness spread by the insects.Why must you meet KOJU?

Whoa, what a nice and deadly pattern. Touching it will kill you.

In this journey you ride your faithful golden beetle Kiniro and traverse through fantasy worlds fighting with various different types of insects. The game features HD sprites, cool music a decent storyline, tough boss battles and challenging gameplay.

One of the many insect bosses in the game.

Mushihimesama is an extremely difficult game but offers a different gameplay option for novice players with lower difficulty levels.

It also features local co-op. Worth a pick if you like extremely hard and challenging bullet hell shooters.

4. Deathstate

Top down shoot em up with pixilated graphics and RPG elements.

Deathstate is a top down bullet hell shooter from indie developer Workinman Interactive. Your mission is to find out the fate of a frantic Professor who opened up a portal to the void.

A bullet hell shooter with RPG elements. YES!

In Deathstate you can play as a number of characters, each with unique abilities and skills which can be unlocked through multiple playthroughs. The game features 16-bit like graphics, horrifying bosses and an insane amount of enemies and loot to upgrade your characters and weapons.

The Arch-Undead the skeleton boss in the game.

Deathstate combines RPG elements, a good story and bullet hell shooter type gameplay to create a satisfying gameplay experience. If you are a fan of either of the genres you should definitely pick this one.

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