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best bullet hell games
Some of best bullet hell games to conquer

19. Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION

Crimzon Clover World Ignition is a top down vertical bullet hell shooter from indie developer YOTSUBANE. The game is quite famous for its arcade roots and challenging gameplay.

All I can see are a lot of stars and a lot of missiles.

The game boasts high resolution graphics and textures, adding depth to the already great gameplay. Three different types of aircrafts are available for the player to choose before they set out on their bullet hell adventure.The game features interesting bosses and exhilarating gameplay mechanics.

I couldn’t find the boss anywhere, just a lot of bullets flying everywhere

The game promises a balanced difficulty level, with hard challenges for the veterans of the shoot ‘emup genre. You can also save and share replays to show off your skills.

18. Dariusburst chronicle saviours

Epic game rendered with high quality 3d models

Dariusburst chronicle saviours is the latest bullet hell shooter from the critically acclaimed Taito. This version contains all the content from the other Darius series.

You have enough firepower to destroy this huge ship, just look at the explosion.

The game features various gameplay modes with over 3000+ levels in the chronicles mode and about 200 levels in the story mode with up to 40 different bosses. Players can choose from up to 9 different ships. The game also supports 4 player co-op and multi monitor and widescreen monitor support.

I’ve heard that crab meat is very tasty. It’s a shame, you can’t eat this crab 

Dariusburst chronicle saviours is fun to party play and is quite challenging. The soundtracks are awesome which adds a layer of icing to the gameplay.

17. Hyperspace Invaders II: Pixel Edition

Too many pixels!

Hyperspace Invaders II: Pixel Edition is a vertical bullet hell shooter from the indie developer Entity Medialab. The game is extremely difficult and challengingdue to an extremely large amount of enemies and bullets on screen but fun at the same time.

The invaders have gone berserk, you should too.

The game boasts 12 original soundtracks which is pretty awesome, funky alien invaders and lots and lots of bullets. It also features procedurally generated levels so every level is a new experience; also it increases the difficulty level the more you play it, the enemies get tougher and even more bullets fly towards you.

The developers must have been really high when creating this game.

For the nostalgic fans of the original classic “Space Invaders”, Hyperspace Invaders II : Pixel Edition is nothing like the original space invaders, instead it offers the players a new taste of gameplay by adding funky graphics, a number of chaotic weapons and a wide variety of invading aliens.

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