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best bullet hell games
Some of best bullet hell games to conquer

21. Xenoraptor

Lone dragon fighting robotic chainsaws in space.

Xenoraptor is an Early Access bullet hell shooter developed by Peter Cleary. In the game you play as a cybernetic dragon with a nice arsenal of weapons on a mission to annihilate mechanized cybernetic chainsaws.

The map at the bottom helps you to find the objective.

The game features more than 100 customizable weapons which you can fit on your dragon, the ability to design your own weapons, quick fast based gameplay, responsive controls and a wide variety of enemies and huge bosses. The game also features in game physics and enables the player to use objects in space against the enemies, like propelling a debris or asteroid at your enemies using your weapons. Up to 8 players can play the game in online or lan co-op, greatly increasing the fun factor.

The graphics are well designed and explosions look cool.

The game is extremely fun and challenging especially when played along with friends, highly recommended for a LAN party.

20. Raiden III Digital Edition

A classic hit for modern systems.

Raiden 3 Digital Edition is the revival of the classic old Raiden games which were famous for their awesome soundtrack,challenging gameplay, and awesomepowerups. Your job is to save the earth from the invading aliens.

Your ship can fire at a wide angle if upgraded accordingly.

Raiden 3 retains all the good features of the old games while introducing new 3d visuals, different viewing angles, co-op modes and over 36 different soundtracks from the original game. The added features includes different gaming modes like Score Attack and Boss Rush.In Score Attack the player competes to break the high score and in Boss Rush mode the player focuses on fighting against all the bosses. Seven difficult levels must be completed to finish the game with an unique boss at the end of each level. Up to two players can play together in the various modes.

The old school graphics and fast paced gameplay of Raiden.

If you have played the old Raiden games and want to relive the past this game is a must play. Also new players will surely be satisfied with the cool soundtrack and action gameplay.

The epic soundtrack.

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