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best dungeon crawlers
Who doesn't love a good dungeon crawling adventure?

8. Bless Online

Bless Online has a very action oriented combat system like many Asian MMOs, as well as photo-realistic graphics and a variety of fantastical races. Most dungeons in the game require 5-man parties but some can be soloed at a high enough level with the right gear.

However, if you’re looking to run a friend through a dungeon to help them out don’t waste your time; if player levels are too far apart the lower level person won’t earn any xp. Dungeons also cost fatigue to enter. But, the combat is fast-paced and fun and the rewards are most certainly worth it.

Any game that lets you have a wolf mount has to be good.


7. Black Desert Online

BDO has the best character creation system in any MMO ever. No seriously. It might actually be the best character creation system for any game ever. It’s also one of the best looking MMOs on the market. There are multiple dungeons in the game, some hidden away little places with tougher mobs and better loots and proper instanced dungeons with the introduction of Valencia Part 2. But there’s plenty of other things to do in the game. The combat is quick and dynamic.

That looks like an S ranking to me

It's not much but it's home.

6. Lord of the Rings Online

Another game pushing almost exactly ten years old, LOTR Online is still going strong, with five expansion packs and a steady player based, helped by a free-to-play model. It’s got just about everything an MMO should have; typical MMO movement and combat, PvE, player housing, skills, guilds and reputation. The PvP system is a bit different though.

There’s dueling, but also something called PvMP (Monster Play) in to take control of outposts in the Ettenmoors. The game features several types of instances (featured, world, quest) as well as the typical raids and public dungeons. The real seller is the world. There’s a reason why LOTR is still so popular. It’s one of a kind.

Uh, hey buddy. Maybe we can talk this out?

I am no man!

5. Pillars of Eternity

There aren’t many games as gorgeous and with such rich lore as Pillars of Eternity. It is a true isometric roleplaying tactical combat based game. Nothing in the world is black and white and your choices carry weight. There’s plenty of reason to explore everything, from loot to companions (who you can pass by if you’re not careful, I missed Eder my first time through). Combat is tough, even on lower difficulty levels, and if you’re brave enough to play on Path of the Damned, then good luck to you. There’s plenty of skills to choose from however and a bit of trial and error or a couple google searches will bring up the best builds for your character class.

Don't make any sudden moves; maybe it won't see us.

This doesn't look good.

4. Pillars of Eternity 2

The sequel to the incredibly popular PoE met its Kickstarter goal in one day and rounded up a total of $4.4 million in pledges out of a goal of $1.1. The game is a direct sequel that takes players to a new part of Eora and also gives players their own ship which is more than enough for me. Combat looks to be similar to the original, but the team behind it has promised to rework the system as well as the user interface with smaller parties to make managing all of that just a bit easier.

Bar fight!

Should we touch it?

3. Baldur's Gate 2

Another classic, and one of the best. Deeply entrenched in one of the most popular fantasy worlds in existence, I spent a lot of time with Baldur’s Gate as a kid. BG2 gives you a party of up to 6 characters and lets you create your own protagonist or import a previous one from earlier games. BG2 is another isometric game where you click to kill with a fog of war system to keep certain areas of the map hidden. There’s a lot of clicking, but there’s something about that clicking that makes the sore finger worth it. Probably the loot. Yeah, it’s the loot.

No trouble out of me, I get it, stop repeating yourself.

Don't whinge.

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