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best dungeon crawlers
Who doesn't love a good dungeon crawling adventure?

24. Path of Exile

I was very much excited for Path of Exile. Unfortunately life kept me from devoting too much time to the game but I remember it as being sufficiently dark and gritty and also rather good looking as well. It had a lot of competition when it was released, but as a free to play game it provided a more viable option for those with limited funds. Outside of the central hubs the world is instanced and randomized to provide increased replayability.

There are six classes with a final class unlockable at the end of Act 3 of the story. Uniquely, skills can be modified with gems (and so can weapons and armor) in the same way that you’d pop a gem into a slot in WoW. The game also features quite a large skill tree with plenty of room for branching out, though the player must be careful where points are spent in order to attain maximum efficiency. The game also features “leagues,” alternate play modes including a pseudo permadeath system and two challenge modes.

Watch the spikes.

I must get the name of his interior decorator.

23. Grim Dawn

It’s a hard world out there and every inch of it is full of nightmare fuel (why so many spiders? Why?). Grim Dawn features a beautifully realized Victorian inspired world in disorder. As is fitting for the genre, there is loads of loot to be had and huge, epic boss fights (with bonus loot) to be had.

There’s also a nifty little spell that lets you pop back to the nearest shopkeeper then pop right back to where you were to help you sell all of that loot. Combat is satisfying and visceral with a real sense of progression. As the game moves forward, it becomes more important to use the Mana or “spirit” abilities tactically rather than just button mashing through waves of enemies.

I just want across the bridge.

Well I was gonna help but since you're bing so rude about it.

22. Nox

Sometimes oldies are goodies for a reason. The gameplay varies depending on which character class is picked for Jack at the start of the game. For example, warriors can use pretty much all armor and melee weapons but can’t use bows, staves, or any magic and use special abilities that act as spells, but simply recharge over time.

The gear in the game varies, even though it’s restricted to certain classes, and can have enchantments. Weapons also have durability, so you better make sure you have a backup if you’re in the middle of town and can’t pop over to the nearest blacksmith for a repair.

Looking a little pixelated there.

Expert warrior, eh?

21. Bastion

Aside from the art style the most unique and individual piece of Bastion is the narration. That doesn’t have anything to do with dungeon crawling, true, but having a very relaxing, deep voice comment on almost everything you do it deserves a shout out. The levels and enemies in Bastion are gorgeous (sometimes scary) and varied.

A hub world, the Bastion, is where the player can buy materials and upgrade weapons, and also add structures to the bastion depending on what playstyle you’re after. There’s also a new game plus+ mode for those of you who want to replay with a couple extra things added.

But I don't wanna kill it; it's so cute!

I don't know where I am but I like it.

20. Eitr

Eitr (named for a mythical substance in Norse mythology) doesn’t have an official release date yet but I can assure you I’ll be all over it once it does. Eitr is a pixel art isometric action RPG set in the world of Norse Mythology. Combat is toted to be “exceptional” with a variety of weapons, strategic movement, accurate arrow strikes and special attacks.

There’s plenty of loot to be had as well, but the caveat is that some of it may be damaged if the brave heroine is killed in combat. It’s nice to see something a bit different in this genre and I’ll be keeping an eye on this game as the year progresses.

That lighting though.

Surely we can work something out?

19. Torchlight

Torchlight throws you into a series of randomized dungeons to fight hordes of enemies and grab hordes of loot. A single town serves as a hub where items can be bought and sold and quests can be found. You also get to have a pet! You can choose between three, a dog, a cat, or a ferret (I’d go for the ferret but I’m biased).

There are three classes, a warrior, a spellcaster and a rogue type.

Why the skeletons?

This is my bubble.

18. Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 brings more of the same but with more customization, more loot and most importantly, more pets! The combat and randomly generated dungeons but expands the hub towns and extends the campaign. There’s also a night and day cycle, weather, and a new interface. Gear is also restricted by class. Fishing is back too, and there’s a new game+ mode to replace the retirement system.

Not the face, not the face!

Nice dragon.

17. Book of Demons

Do you like making things explode into piles of coins? Well then, this is the game for you. Book of Demons is a rather odd hybrid of typical Diablo style hack and slash with papercraft people, but also throws in some card abilities, which are useless unless equipped. Sounds like the perfect combo for someone who likes CCGs and dungeon crawlers.

The game is still in early access but has plenty of content to pick through.

Hero, your health is low.

Does that look like Maze from Fable to anyone else?

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