15 Most-Played FPS Games in 2016 (PC)

2016’s most-played FPS games

Shoot first, ask questions later in 2016’s most-played FPS games!

There are few things quite as exhilarating as peppering opponents with bullets – which explains why the first-person shooter is one of the most popular genres today.

But the FPS has evolved into something more than just turning our enemies into pincushions. Now there’s strategy, survival, and yes, even good old-fashioned teamwork to take into account. In other words, the FPS is no longer just for trigger-happy armchair marksmen; there’s something in it for everybody!

We therefore present to you some of 2016’s most-played FPS games – games gamers of all kinds have fallen in love with, and continue to play to this day.

15. The Culling

A fan of Battle Royale and The Hunger Games? The Culling will satisfy your need for serious bloodletting, evil-dystopian-game show-style.

In The Culling, you are one of 16 contestants trapped on an island. You are given 20 minutes to explore, craft weapons and traps, kill each other, and ultimately, survive. If you die, that’s it for you, so you’ll have to play smart.

Make sure your opponents never breathe again by using remote-detonated explosives. Hack away at foes using axes, or cave their skulls in with bludgeons. If you need more items, you can always call for a personal airdrop. Be wary of the risks though, as airdrops are likely to draw the attention of the other contestants. And don’t forget that this is a game show, so expect unique events to occur at any time during your stay on the island!

One of 2016’s most-played FPS games, and it’s one of a kind!

the culling 1

Nice to meet ya!

the culling 2

Here's a little something for your face.

the culling 3

And now something for your back!


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