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A glance at LIMBO.

A nameless boy wakes up on the edge of a crumbling world. He must venture through to find his lost sister. He soon realizes that this place is full of dark and evil things.

Will he defeat the evil and find his sister? Or will he forever be stuck in LIMBO?

Watch out behind you!

LIMBO is called by its developers a “trial and death” game. As the boy navigates this unfamiliar and dangerous landscape, he encounters traps and enemies. Death is quite common as you become accustomed to the world around you.

Just with many platformers, players can move left, right, jump, and climb onto things. There are no weapons in LIMBO, but only puzzles you must solve and traps you must avoid. The game is pretty challenging in this aspect.

Perhaps the most notable feature of this game is its overall feel. Dark, greyscale graphics combined with ambient sounds that are surprisingly minimalist give this game an eerie feel.

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